Taking Care of the Garden Wet Garbage and Some Planning

Saturday April 7, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Garden cleanup

I needed to do something about the garbage looking blueberry patch. I dump my wet garbage in my garden but it doesn’t look good, so I had a plan.gardem


Making worm pots

I decided to make some worm pots to make things look prettier. I have plenty of worms in the garden so I don’t need any worm pots, but I think they will make the garden look much better as they are a place to put the wet garbage.

I drilled some more holes in these two pots.pots


I then buried the two pots and collected all the lose garbage and deposited it in the pots.pot1


Looks much better

Here’s the other one and the garden is already looking better.pot2


I’ll just dump my wet garbage in the pots from now on.

Cutting back blackberry vines

I spent the rest of the day puttering around in the yard. One of the things I do constantly is cut the wild blackberry vines back or they will take over the place.

The rains ended this morning pretty much. I had about 6 inches of rain in the bucket from this storm.

Big redwood trees

I was watching these big ol redwood trees swaying in the winds. It always amazes me that these big trees can with stand the winds and the rains without falling over. One of natures engineering marvels.trees


Planning for the future

I also spent some time sitting in the yard doing some planning. I plan to make anther garden enclosure so I needed to figure out where I want to put it.

Maybe a chicken house

In the process I was thinking a little chicken house with an enclosure would be nice too as that way I could get some corn safe chickens to eat.

I’m still thinking on that one, but it looks like it might work on into my plans.

That was my day.

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