Stormy Rain and Much Needed House Work Got Done

Wednesday December 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It started to rain just about the time I got it going today. I got the umbrella and went out to feed the chickens. It wasn’t raining too hard yet but it picked up as the day progressed.

House work

So I was sitting around the house keeping warm and dry when I decided to do some much needed vacuuming of the house.

The vacuum seemed to be more or less plugged up so I took it apart and cleaned the filter which needed it badly.

Tiny spiders

I worked on the floors and the cob webs from the tiny spiders that seem to share the house with me, mostly unseen.

I got it about half done when my back said enough for a bit so I rested up for awhile and then went out to see how the chickens were doing in this rain.

I fed them well earlier so they were mostly just hanging around in their pens and mostly staying dry.

Getting it done

Back in the house I fired up the vacuum again and more or less finished the house work that I was going to do today.

Just before dark I went out and let the chickens have a bit more feed, since they hadn’t been out to graze much today.


About dark the rains picked up some more and the wind did too. The power went off briefly but came back on as I was looking for my backup light.

And now the storm seemed to have quieted down for now as it’s nice and quiet out, but I think it is still raining lightly.

So it was an easy day and I got a bit of much needed house work done too.

Nice day.

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