Stone Corral Camp Spot, Evening Walk

Monday June 12, 2023 Stone Corral, NV.

Tonight’s camp spot

After a good nap and having some dinner, the rain showers finally stopped so I went out for a walk around the area.

We’d stopped here before on our last trip, but didn’t camp here, so now I had time to scout the place out.

Here’s our camp by the old cabins. They look like what is called line shacks for taking care of cattle in the olden days. The one on the right had old army cots in it, so the other one was the cook shack. I’m not sure what the fallen down one was.camp1


Here’s another view of the old cabins and the rocks behind the cabins are interesting too.cabins2


What’s left of the old cabin, old wood.cabin3


There are a lot of holes in the rocks behind the cabins.rocks4


I walked up and took a good look at these rocks.rockholes5


Stone Corral

The place is named after all the big rocks around this old corral.corral6


Old road

There was an old road headed up the hill from the cabins. The map showed it went up the hill about a half mile and dead ended so I took off walking on up it.road7


There were a lot of flowers blooming on that road.yellows8


More flowers.blues9


The road led up to an old fence and this is looking down, back towards where the vans are parked, which you can barely see in this photo.view10


I headed back down the hill checking things out along the way that caught my eye and I was soon back at camp.water11


Nice evening walk.

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