Steve and I Paddled Around the Estuary Enjoying Ourselves

Sunday April 17, 2016 Jenner CA.

A sunny day at Jenner

I headed on down to Jenner around noon today and put in my boat. There were quite a few boats on the water today so I had to be patient at the ramp putting my boat in, as a lot of people just seem to dally a lot on the ramp which tends to plug it up.

I paddled on up the river and ran into Steve at Otter’s log here.steve


We pulled into Otter’s log for a break and shot the bull for a bit, eventually continuing on up the river to this spot which I call Eagle’s landing where we stopped for a bit some more and just sat and watched enjoying the day.landing


Just past that, Patti came by in her boat so we shot the bull with her for a bit before continuing on up the river to this spot by some reeds.reeds


I had planned to go as far as the green grass which I call Muskrat beach and I stopped there for a bit.muskrat


A pair of mallard ducks was watching us to make sure we didn’t get to close.ducks


Flowers and horses

This was our view across the river and up on the ridge top where the horses hang


I decided to move up the river to this area which I call the Grotto and we stopped there for a bit, but Steve wanted to go just a little further.jenner


To this spot where we stopped for a good while before crossing over the river to the other side to look for wild life.rockrest



I could see there were some birds across the river and once we got close enough I could see it was a family of geese, which headed out into the deeper water for safety.geeses


Steve went ashore on the gavel bar by Paddy’s rock while I stayed in my boat and went down along the shoreline looking for birds.

I went by these cormorants and these two male merganser ducks which kept their eyes on me as I paddled on past. The cormorants got nervous and flew off making a bunch of noise.birds


Just past them this pair of mallard ducks were walking fairly fast to get into the water for protection. I paddled on by and they didn’t fly off.mallards


There were three crows feeding on the shoreline eating something I couldn’t see. Here’s one of them.crow


Eventually Steve caught up with me and we headed down the channel on the back side of Penny Island heading for the lower end, where Steve decided to go in for the day.

Headed towards the open river’s mouth

I headed on down towards the mouth which looked like this as I paddled along.moutharea


I could see and hear the ocean was rough. This was my view before I turned around and headed back in as it was almost six PM now.seals


I pulled my boat out and went on home for the day where I mostly took it easy for the rest of the day, doing a little puttering on the old tractor I’m working on, but not much.

I sat around the yard until it started to get dark and went on in for the day.

That was my day for a nice one.

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