Steelhead Fishing Kicks Off Sorta While I Paddle Down From Monte Rio

Friday November 25, 2016 Monte Rio CA.

Paddled Monte Rio to Villa Grande and back

Decided it was going to be Monte Rio today, so I headed on out down the road about ten miles to the boat ramp.

Dave and Joanne show up

As I was putting my boat in the water, I heard, hey Bob. Dave and Joanne were at the top of the stairs and were out for a ride and ran into me, so we shot the bull at the ramp for a bit before I put my boat in the water.

There were several boat trailers parked in the parking lot so I knew there would be some fishermen with boats in the water fishing for steelhead.

I could see the guys down there fishing away in their boats as I headed down the river.river


Steelhead fishermen

There were three boats with fishermen fishing away. I stopped to talk with them for a bit. No action today as it’s early in the season and the muddy water is just starting to clear up a bit. Not much catches fish when the water is muddy. It’s the only time the fish are


Drifting down the river

I left them at it and continued down the river at a very slow pace as I wasn’t planning to go far today, only down to the Villa Grande hole, about a mile down the river.

I traveled along here.river3


The elusive bird

This kingfisher caught my eye. This was the best I could do with that bird that fly’s before you can get close. It followed me on my way down the river, but I gave up trying to get a good picture of it. These birds are such teases.kingfisher


The Villa Grande hole was just up ahead where I spent some time, but didn’t take any pictures.river2


Headed back up the river

I hung out at the Villa Grande hole for about an hour then started back up the river along here.upriver


I was headed back to Monte Rio.riverup


Gone home for the day

I went by where the fishermen in the boats were, but they had all gone home for the


Shore fishermen at Monte Rio

I paddled on up to the Monte Rio bridge where there were some guys fishing along the river banks but it didn’t look like anyone was doing any good.bridge


And then I headed back to the boat ramp here.ramp


I had to evict these mallard ducks so I could use the boat ramp and load  my boat on the car.ducks


I went on home and stoked the wood stove up as it was getting a bit cold out and that was it for me today.

Nice day.

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