Starting the New Year Off Right, Working In the Forest

Sunday, January 1, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Happy New Year

I thought I’d start off the new year on the right foot and since the rain stopped for now and it was a sunny day, I rode the dirt bike up into the hills to work on a trail.

I parked the bike and walked up the trail.trail1


Forest walk

On the way up, I decided to go for a hike down into this area to explore around a bit, which I did.forest2


Trail work

After that, I came back up to the trail I was going to work on here and had a good break to rest up a bit, then started to work making this trail a bit better in this spot.trail3


Big stump

I also worked on the trail to get around this big stump easier.stump4



Around 2:30, the sun went behind the hills to my west.sundown5


Headed for home

I worked until just after four. I was going to go for a little dirt bike ride, but I dallied too long taking breaks while walking back down the trail, so I ran out of time and headed for home, instead.bike6


This is the road I took to get home.road7


What’s that I hear

I was going through this area when I heard some water rushing. It sounded like a waterfall someplace in the creek on the right.road8


I got the bike stopped and walked over to the creek on the left to have a look where the sound was coming from.ferns9


The creek

Yep, there’s a small waterfall in the creek from some debris jamming things up a bit.creek10


I stopped there for a few minutes enjoying the little fall.fall11


And then hopped on the bike and rode the short distance to my house.bike12


Long nap

I was tired when I got home so ate a crab and took a long nap, until eleven, and now I’m getting the blog together.

Still no phone line repair, so still no internet, and still posting at my neighbor’s place, next door.  There’s no one home, so I won’t bothering anyone at this late hour.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Big storm coming your way, or so they say. You never know if it will materialize. Stay dry and eat another crab for me!!!

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