Starting On the Van’s Alternator Replacement and Checking On the Yellow Jacket’s Nest

Friday August 19, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Van repairs

Since I got a new alternator the other day for my van, it seemed like a good idea to install it or at least get things ready to install.

I got the battery disconnected and the new alternator out to have a look at it to make sure it was the right one. It was the right one but needs the pulley changed.batteries


Needs a double pulley

It came with a single pulley but the van has a double pulley so after I get the old one off, I will remove this pulley and install the double pulley.alternator


All prepped and ready for the work

I was moving fairly slow today so I did some chair hopping  before jacking up the van a little to give me more room to get under it and I got the blanket spread out under the van.van


But wait

I started to work on getting the old alternator out, but then decided tomorrow would be a good day to do that, so did some more chair hopping around the yard.

Checking out the yellow jackets nest

Late in the day I hopped on the dirt bike to go for a ride and then I headed on over to the trail working area to see how the yellow jacket nest eradication worked out.

I approached the nest area cautiously, just in care, but all was quiet.

I located the nest hole in the leaves to see if there were any left over yellow jackets crawling around. But nope, not even one, so all was good.nest


Here’s a closer shot of the nest hole just to the right of that piece of bark. Nobody home, at least no moving ones.hole


Trail work

As long as I was up here I did some trail work and also walked out to the end of the trail just for some more exercise and to see what I was into as far as more work was concerned.

Headed for  home

After a little work on the trail I headed for home going the long way, just to get some more bike riding in.

Nice day.

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