Starting Blueberry Plants and Transplanting Raspberry Plants

Saturday January 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Blueberry starts

After taking care of the chickens I headed for the blueberry patch as I wanted to start some new blueberry plants. I cut about twelve starts and put them in the ground after I turned it over with a shovel.plants


I had this little wire cage so I put it over the new cuttings to protect them from the chickens when I let them into the blueberry patch.cage


Blueberry patch

After that I pruned the old blueberry plants.patch


Transplanting raspberry plants

Next to my blueberry patch is a garden or what is supposed to be a vegetable garden but last year some raspberries took it over so I needed to dig the raspberry plants out and transplant some of them to the big raspberry patch.

Here’s the garden with all the berry vines I need to dig up.vines


I got half of it done and have a wheelbarrow full of raspberry plants ready to be transplanted.vines2


All that digging and vine cutting took most of the day so I only got about half of it done so far.

Chicken watching

Towards evening the chickens wanted into the front yard so I let them in and sat and watched for a bit with Sweat Pea.pea


They’ve discovered the new woodchip piles and will start to tear them apart.grazing


That was pretty much my day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Sweet Pea is a cutie!! Lucky you that raspberry plants and blueberry plants grow there. Seems you are at the perfect altitude for growing all kinds of goodies.

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