Some Work and a Joy Ride With the Dozer and Strawberries at Armstrong Valley Farm Yummy

Saturday July 13, 2019 Guerneville CA.

The ol bull dozer battery needed to get charged up so I needed to use it as that’s the best way to charge up the battery and also give the dozer some exercise which helps keep it running.

I needed some oil in it so I brought up the pile and added the oil to the transmission at this spot.dozer


Joy riding

I left my quad there and drive the dozer on up the hill and did a bit of work here and there and  mostly did a bit of joy riding sorta like a kid playing with his toy.

I went up this road.road


And down this one and pushed a few downed trees off the road.road2


I parked and lift the dozer up on the hillside at this spot and walked down the hill to where I left my quad runner parked.dozer2


Checking the water level

As I walked by our water tanks I looked across to see how much water was in them as I’ve been doing quite a bit of watering lately.tanks


I could see the lead balls on the string indicated only about a quarter full so I better take it easy on the water for a few days to let it build back up. There’s lots of water right now so it should fill back up fast.gauge


Armstrong Valley Farm

I made it to the quad and jumped back on it and drove down to my brother Tom’s garden or at least one of them. I was thinking there might be a ripe peach or nectarine to eat.

I went through his


I looked in his hot house and saw all the young vegetable plants he’s started in there to plant in the garden when the time is right.plants


Fruit trees

I headed to the fruit trees just up ahead there.peach


I forgot about the strawberry patch

There were some green peaches but nothing to eat. However I’d forgotten he had strawberries this year and here they are.berrypatch


I was able to find enough ripe ones to eat and boy were they tasty.

I went on home for a rest and a nap.

Moving mulch to the raspberry patch

Yesterday when Tom moved some mulch to the raspberry patch he moved mostly green stuff as you can see here.  It’s likely ok but there’s a lot of pepperwood in there and it sure gets in my nose. I’m not sure if the green stuff will hurt the berries or not. I think not but am not sure. pile


Working away

Anyway I used my wheelbarrow to haul that brown stuff there in front on the pile above to the berry patch.  From the pile it’s about a hundred yards to the berry patch but at least it’s flat.

Unfortunately my brothers tractor isn’t around. I was able to move about 8 loads by dark.

Still need a bunch of woodchips

Here’s where I’m putting the woodchip mulch in the raspberry patch hopefully to improve the patch by getting the berry vines to spread out into the places between the rows. the new plants seem to like to spread out and grow up in the woodchips so that’s why I’m doing this.mulch


I moved mulch until dark and then called it a day.

And that was my day. Nice day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    The joys ride in the dozer sounds like fun.
    And nothing quite like fresh strawberries oh so tasty.

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