Some Visiting and a Paddle in the Estuary at Foggy Jenner

Saturday December 9, 2016 Jenner CA.

Visit Ray to post my blog

It was drizzling when I got it going today. I drove on down to Ray’s house, just down the road to use his internet access to post my blog from the other day and we shot the bull for a bit.

Back home I decided to go visit Ray’s brother John for a bit which I did, then I headed on down to Jenner to see if it was kayak-able or raining or what.

Jenner looks real kayak-able so I do

As I drove into Jenner it was a bit foggy, but not raining or drizzling so I put my boat in the water at the visitor center boat ramp.

This is what the river looked like as I put my boat in the water today, looking up


it was nice and calm so I headed on down toward the river’s mouth area, this way.river


There weren’t a lot of birds around today, but there were some. Here’s some ducks that were feeding along the shoreline of the island.bords


I paddled on over towards the mouth area and went by these turkey vultures just taking it easy watching the ocean.vultures


And this raven finding things to eat along the shoreline.raven


The river’s mouth is open and has moved north a bit more

It was a little foggy as I approached the mouth area. I could see some harbor seals and surfers down by the open river’s mouth, just up ahead.mouth


Lots of surfers out there lately

They looked like this. The surfers are watching the ocean conditions deciding what to do and the seals are just resting taking it easy.surfers


There were quite a number of harbor seals in the water swimming around me.seals


No wind and flat, how nice

Eventually I headed back up the river along the islands edge. No wind, but a bit foggy as I paddled along.flat


Watched this river otter feeding away

I saw this lone otter feeding in the shallows out in front of the visitor center. I watched it for awhile. It was diving and coming up with something to eat, but I couldn’t make out what.otter


Eventually, I got too close to the otter and it went into the bushes on the island, so I paddled on up along the island’s edge, along here.island


Too nice to go in for the day

I’d gotten a late start today, around 2:30PM so it was getting towards dark as I sat here by the boat ramp for a bit. It was really just too nice out to go on in so I stayed out for awhile longer.visit


But eventually I paddled on over to the boat ramp and loaded my boat and went on home for the day.

It was drizzling at home and getting dark so I got some firewood in for the night and that was my day.

Hoping the phone company will fix my internet connection Saturday

I still don’t have an internet connection, hopefully tomorrow they’ll get me hooked back up so I can post this blog.

Posted from Ray’s house.

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