Some Paint, Some Seed, Finding Rodent Holes and An Automatic Watering System

Monday October 1, 2108 Guerneville Ca.

Some painting needed done

The showers had let up this morning but more were on the way this afternoon.

While feeding the chickens this morning I stumbled across the paint I bought the other day to paint the chickens nesting boxes so decided to get that done.

Locking the chickens out

First thing I did was get the chickens out of the pen by feeding them in the other pen and shutting the door on them. Once that was accomplished I rounded up all the tools and materials I’d need for the job.

Here’s the job site ready to start painting.nestboxes


I painted the inside and the outside and forgot to get a completed picture for some reason.

Seeding a plot of ground

After a break I dug up this little plot in  the smaller chicken’s pen and let the chicks at it for a bit to scratch through it all. They seem to find stuff to eat even when I can’t see it.diggings


Grow panel

I hauled off two wheelbarrows of dirt and added that much of the chicks bedding material mixing it in with the dirt. Then I found the seeds of alfalfa and clover and planted them. A little covering and watering and I put the grow panel on it.panel


Checking for rodent holes

After a good break I rounded up the ladder as I needed to go up on the roof and have a look for mice and rat holes into my attic as I was pretty sure that’s how they are getting in.

Up on the roof.roof


My yard

AS long as I was up there I took a picture of my yard or part of it anyway.yard


And this is looking west towards the hills where I go for the motorcycle rides.hills


Looking for rodent holes

I took a flashlight up on the roof with me and looked under all the eves and found this hole. It’s big enough for mice but not for the big rats I saw in the attic so there must be another one.rats


I kept looking and found a larger hole on the other side of the house under another eve which I’ll have to block soon.

Block that hole

For now I worked on blocking the first hole. I cut some small blocks of wood to put over the whole crack and installed them, so that should do it.

For the other hole I need to go into the attic to see what I can do to block it on that side so I didn’t get to that yet.

Starting to rain

It was just starting to rain very lightly and I don’t like to be on the metal roof when it’s wet because it can be very slippery so it was off to the next project that I wanted to get done.

Auto water system

That being this waterer a friend gave me. It’s not really for chickens but it has a float in it and will work once I get the water hooked up. I added a board across the top to keep them from jumping into it and partly got it installed before the rain increased and was going to get me wet if I stayed out in it.water


It was almost dark and too wet to continue so that was it for me for a nice day.

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