Some Dozer Work and Some Chores Get Done

Saturday, January 22, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Chair hopping and booting up

I usually start the day by going out and feeding the chickens and letting them out for the day.

And then I do some chair hopping to get it going. Like booting up my brain so I can get it going. I usually think about what I’m going to do today and what I need to do it. As I get older I find this needs to be done as my  memory isn’t as good as it used to be and I have to think more about what I want to accomplish to get it done.

That’s just the way it is and I try to just flow with it.

Nice sky

The sky today as I booted up my brain. Another nice


Bulldozer work

The plan was to go up into the forest and work on bringing the bulldozer down the hill doing a couple small jobs on the way.

I rode on up to the bottom of the hill and parked the quad runner so it would be close by when I got down with the dozer.quad2


A walk

That meant I had to walk up the hill to where the dozer was parked which I decided to do so I wouldn’t have to go get the quad runner after I brought the dozer down the hill.

I walked on up this road to get the dozer, just a nice gentle climb.road3


Doing repairs

The dozer was right where I left it yesterday, so I started it up and let it warm up a bit, then headed on down this road as there was a place on it that I wanted to repair.dozer4


I did a small repair on the Mushroom road in this area.  Most repairs are to prevent water damage during rain storms to prevent any erosion problems.road6


Little spring

I drove on by this little spring that is mostly an animal drinking place.spring5


Green green

And on down this road through the Christmas trees. Nice and green they are.road7


I made it to the bottom of the  hill and went on by our water tanks.tanks8


Where’s the quad runner

I parked the bulldozer near where I need to work it next and then wondered where I’d left my quad runner earlier as I had forgotten. I realized I put it close by, but where. I looked around a bit and sure enough, it was close by so I hopped on it and road on down to our family memorial place by these big redwood trees and paid my respects.cross9


While I was there I checked out the creek flowing by.creek10


Sitting around the yard

And then headed on home and sat in the yard enjoying the day for a bit.

I wasn’t planning to do anymore work today……….But.

I got the loppers out and cut these raspberry canes down in a chicken pen. I think I’ll leave the mess for the chickens.vines11


Chickens out grazing

Speaking of the chickens, things are real peaceful around here without all the young roosters I had.chickens12


One last chore today

I sat around some more then jumped up and got the wheelbarrow and a shovel as I wanted to move the fertilized dirt out of this chicken pen and put it on some fruit trees to let the rains wash it into the ground.dirt


I got two full wheelbarrow loads of dirt out of that and spread it around some apricot trees.pen13


There was still just a bit of time before it got dark so I did some more chair hopping until it started to get dark.

Nice day.

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