Smoke Blocks the Sun and Makes It a Cold Day

Friday November 9, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Smokey skies

When I went outside this morning to get some work done I found it very smoky and cold as the sun just wasn’t getting through. The smoke from the Northern California forest fire is blowing into our area. It’s not too bad on the ground, luckily.

Here’s a picture of the smoke and the sun late in the afternoon just before the sun is going down below the mountain on my west.smoke


Back in the house

I looked around and went back in the house to warm up a bit.

A bit later I tried it again. I noticed my brother left his tractor in the yard so I thought it a good time to move some more dirt to level out some spots so I got my key and moved some of this dirt.tractor


Beats the wheelbarrow

That sure moves it much faster than me and the wheelbarrow. I’d use the tractor more but there are a lot of places in the yard where it won’t fit.

About the time I was finished with that Charlie came by with a computer that wasn’t working. We shot the bull for a bit then he left the computer with me and left.

Shovel does the fine work

I took my shovel and leveled up some of the new dirt I moved with the tractor and then went in for a break and to warm up some more. While I was in the house I worked on that computer and got it going. Once and awhile I get an easy one to fix.

Brushing around some trees

I went out one more time to clean up the brush around these two trees. I was thinking of starting the chainsaw and cutting the two trees down and up for firewood, but the day was almost over so I left it for another day.

I need to cut the tree on the left and the one on the right for the new chicken fence I’m putting in so they can feed in this area.trees


Because of the smoke it stayed below 40 degrees F. today which is not usual for around here.

That was my day.

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