Skull Rock Hike and Camp In the Kofa

Saturday February 29, 2020 Queen’s Canyon Kofa Arizona

Queen’s Canyon camp

So this morning I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and finally decided to drive out to Queen’s Canyon in the Kofa and camp for a couple days near Skull Rock.

I arrived sometime around 1 and shortly Marty’s jeep gang camp by as they were on a ride up this canyon.

Marty was following all the jeeps in his van. He’d had a rock go through the side of one of his tires a short time ago.marty1


I chatted with him and Patti for a short time and they were off down the road.

Planning a hike

Two days ago when I was in here I saw some mountain sheep just above that big red rocky thing below. redrock2


So my plan was to do a hike up and around where the sheep had been to see what I could see.

Big Red Rocky Thing

My hike started out here headed for the left side of the big red rocky thing as I wanted to get around to the back of it where the sheep had been. I’d waited until the sun was almost down to start my hike so it’d be cooler.walk3



Looking back to where my van camp is to the right of the big rock. I was thinking maybe I parked a bit too close to that big rock as it could fall over any time.van4


I walked up over this rocky rock.walk5


And came in behind the big rocky rock which is now on the right side. This is where the sheep were a couple days ago.backside6


I walked up behind the big red rocky thing and went a bit higher so I could look back down on it. Looking back down the hill above the big red rocky thing.walk65


Lots of cavy stuff

I could see this cavy looking thing down below so I started to head for it.cave7


Mountain sheep beds

On the way I stumbled onto some mountain sheep beds. They were used once two nights ago, so the sheep had left the area. Here’s one of the sheep beds.sheepbed8


I spied this deer walking by me. It eventually got my scent and took off over the hill. It was coming from the water hole, the tank across the road.deer9



I made it to the cave I saw and checked it out. Interesting.cave10


Looking back down to camp.camp11


I checked out this cavy looking spot on the way down.cave12


Van camp

This is my camp spot for the night near skull rock which is just behind the van.van13


Late Sunset

Here’s my sunset picture for the day.sunset14


Nice hike,nice day messing around in the Kofa.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Nice place to camp. Looks like the rocky rock we saw the Sheep playing behind.

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