Shopping For Cheese and Meat At Joe Matos Cheese Co.

Tuesday March 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

Today I wanted to go over to the cheese factory and get some cheese and ask some questions about getting a quarter of a beef.

This is the place I went to.

Joe Matos Cheese Co. – Joe Matos Cheese & Farmstead Co.

And some history from their web page.

Joe and Mary Matos, 5th generation Portuguese cheese makers, immigrated to the United States from the lush volcanic island of Sao Jorge, Azores in the 60’s and started making their family recipe for a cheese native to their homeland, St. Jorge in 1979 on their farm in the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Today, the 7th generation of the Matos family is honored to continue the tradition of organic pasture- based biodynamic farming, milking our herd of 35 Holstein, Jersey and crossbred dairy cows, utilizing food waste diversion, raising all of our beef on our farm and hand making our Portuguese family’s raw milk farmstead St. Jorge cheese daily.

The farm

I drove on over to their farm and went down their driveway.roadin


Some of their beef cattle on the right there going in.cows


The cheese shop is just up ahead, an old


Bought cheese

I went in and bought a couple pounds of their cheese and then asked to see the head lady if she was around. She was but was eating lunch so I waited for a bit.

Asked many questions

I wanted to  know how the beef I wanted to buy was fed, no corn I hope and yes, no corn it was. I asked a bunch more questions and was satisfied I would likely do ok with the corn allergy with their beef as they don’t use or feed them any corn stuff. And I already checked with the butcher and they are also corn free so I plan to order a quarter beef from their web site to try them out. I’ve already tried some of their beef from my bother who has already purchased some of their meat and it was very good and I didn’t cause any reactions.

Only problem now is they need to sell three more quarters before they can butcher one and that will likely be in April so I’ll wait.

Yummy cheese

I opened the cheese package just before I left and was sampling it on the way to my next stop a hardware store.

One of the things I wanted was a five gallon propane tank but I found out there were no new ones in the whole city because of the virus so I’ll just have to use the ones I have for now.

I finished my shopping and drove on home.

Once home I put my stuff away and that was it for me today.

Nice day.

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