Servicing the Dozer, a Walk in the Forest and I fix the Downed Water Line

Saturday November 5, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Servicing the dozer

Today I was going to ride up the hill and put the battery I had been charging up, back in the dozer and grease it and check it’s fluids.

Once I had all the stuff I needed tied to the ATV, I headed on out

While going through the old apple orchard, I spied a tree that still had some winter type apples on it.appletree


From past experience, I know that these apples in this state are sweet and crispy and very tasty, so I pulled over and found one and continued on my way. Yummy, good apple.

I continued on eating my apple and going through here.uproad


And then past the water tanks and up this old road.roadup


I made it to the dozer and installed the battery. dozer


Grease gun malfunctions

When I tried to grease it, the darn grease gun seemed to not want to pump any grease which meant I had to take the output pipe off and clean out the one way valve that pumps the grease. Now, even though I couldn’t get any grease out of that gun, once I took the output pipe off, I couldn’t stop it from coming out. I had grease all over before I got it back together. That fixed it, so I greased the dozer.

I checked the fluids and they were all up, so it was good to go, but I decided not to start it as the day was just to nice and quiet and peaceful out.

A walk in the forest

So instead, I rode up the hill a little further and went for a walk checking this old trail out.trail


I went through here. This is an old road I was following.traillog


I didn’t always follow the road, but most of the forest was fairly easy to walk through.forest


Mushrooms are starting to pop

I noticed a couple of these delectable mushroom starting to pop.shroom


My walk turned out to be a bit more of a walk than I anticipated, so I was now pretty beat.

Headed to the top

Once I was back on my ATV, I headed on up the hill on this road.trail4


I was headed to the ridge top at the overlook that overlooks Guerneville which looked like this.guerneville


Going back down the hill

I took a different route back down the hill going through here.redwoodroad


Water line is on the road

Just above our water tanks I found the water line that crossed the road down on the ground, so I stopped to see what I could do to get it back up in the air where it’s supposed to be.pipedown


All fixed up

I finally decided a couple small redwood limbs might do the trick to get it back up in the air which did the job after a bit of maneuvering.pipeup


The water tanks were right below that, so I stopped to make sure the water was flowing and the tanks were full of spring water and they were.watertanks


Nap time

I continued on home where I was going to adjust the timing on my van, but that walk tired me out, so I did a nap instead.

A bit later I went back outside to enjoy what was left of the day and that was my day.

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