Second Hike at Horse Tank in the Kofa with Dan

Sunday February 16, 2020 Horse Tank Kofa Arizona

Kofa hike

Dan and I got it going around 11 and headed off on our hike here towards those mountains out there.start



We heard and saw some quail landing out in front of us. I was able to capture two of them as they move pretty fast.quail


Following creeks

Our plan for this hike was to follow the creeks up into the hilly ravines. It’s easy walking and easier to keep from getting lost and it’s where the desert is the lushest.creek


The creeks still had a bit of water from the last rains.creek2


Eventually that creek stopped and we jumped over to this one and followed it.dan2


Lush area

We came to this real lush area with lots of green grass and bigger trees.lush


We walked on down this creek as the brush on the sides was too thick and thorny to get through.creek3


We came out of the creek here in the lush green grass to get out of the creek as it wasn’t going the way we wanted to go.grass


We walked on through here up this ravine as it looked interesting.saru


We moved into this creek and followed it for a bit.wash4


To this spot which looked real interesting. It looked real interesting but it looked like it was going farther than we wanted to go today so we turned a bit and started back on a different path.dan


We walked in the rocky creeks when we could as it was easy moving along on the rock.creek4


We went though here as we exited the ravine headed back to our camp.walking


We were amazed to find this old spring out here. I bet it has some interesting memories. :O)spring


Rabbit holes

Dan saw a rabbit running away and shortly we found this rabbit hole which seemed to be active. There were more of them near this spot.hole



Here are a just as we entered our camp spot. Tired but not too tired. It was time to start the happy hour. We stayed in camp resting up and enjoying the real quiet desert. I think it was 2 when we got back. We had just enough exercise for two older geezers and didn’t kill


It’s Sunday and we only saw one jeep come in today which I thought was strange as usually a lot of day use people drive into here. Not complaining of course.

Hot camp fire

We gathered some downed wood earlier in the day for a camp fire when it got dark.

We started this little stump and had to move back for a bit before we could move back to our chairs were we stayed until bed


Tomorrow we will break camp and go back to Quartzite to resupply and then the next day head back to the Kofa at Palm Canyon for some more hiking.

Very nice weather for a very nice day.

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