Seal Pups Are Doing Well

Tuesday April 28, 2014 Jenner CA.

Nice day at Jenner

The sun was out and there was a light breeze as I arrived at Jenner this morning. I only saw one other boat on the river as I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny Island where I sat for a bit. Ray showed up shortly and we headed down to the river’s mouth, before any winds came up. The wind picked up as we headed down there, but when we got there, it died back to a breeze and that’s the way it was for the rest of the day. Nice.

The river’s mouth is perched

This was our view as we approached the river’s mouth. The ocean was real rough. There were some seals on the beach and some seagulls, terns and cormorants.mouth


The river’s mouth is open, but just barely, what the biologists call, perched. I’d call it more open, shallow as the state causes the estuary water level to rise a bit and changes how the tides work in the estuary.

We sat around the mouth area for an hour or so watching the goings on down there. You can see the water has settled down too.ray2


We could see a bunch of school kids on the beach across from us on a field trip, a couple hundred or so, but they were clear over there. Good. :O)

A lot of the harbor seals have pupped by now.

Here is a momma with her pup on the beach.seals


There were some Brown Pelicans flying around a bit. I could see over the sand that they were diving for fish in the ocean just in front of the river’s mouth. I could see them start the dive, but then they went behind the sand and I couldn’t see what they were doing.

A Brown Pelican flying over the jetty, with a harbor seal in the water too.pelican


There was a  goose swimming around down there by itself, which I think has been hanging around for awhile now?goose


As we were leaving the area we passed this group of seals with their pups on the beach, more off by themselves away from the main group.pups


Penny Island walk

We paddled back up to Penny Island and went to shore near the west end of it here. The grasses are starting to get high enough to hide the boats.kayaks


It’s spring and the island is nice and green and lush. We went on a short walk and came out inside the island at this point, a nice little meadow, where the deer have been keeping the grass low.walkisland


Back in our boats, we headed up the back channel of Penny Island and crossed over to the north side of the river and continued on up along here.upriver


Would they attack?

There were a bunch of bovinasorous along the shoreline. Would they attack? I wasn’t sure about this big bull, but he just looked at us as we passed and didn’t attack, lucky for us. :O)bull


No one home at the rat nest

We continued on up the river to Paddy’s rock and then crossed back over the river to the rat nest  area, which we looked at. The rat hasn’t repaired the nest yet, so I assume there is no one home at present. It might be a summer or winter home? We turned and headed back down the river after a little break.

We paddled down along this side of the river on the way back to the Jenner, taking our time as it was so nice out, have I mentioned that? :O)downview


Just before we got back to Jenner, we passed by this pair of Mallard ducks taking it easy on the shoreline.mallards


That was it, we pulled our boats out of the water and went on home for the day, where a nap was in order.

It turned out to be a real nice day as the wind that we thought would come up didn’t, started to, but then died down instead. Great.

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