Russian River Mouth Paddle and Checking the Dozer and Springs

Wednesday October 2, 2019 Jenner CA.

Russian River paddle

The wind was up a little as I put my boat in the water today at Jenner boat ramp. As I crossed over the river I could see about 50 kayaks up river a short distance so the choice was made to head down towards the river’s mouth were it’d be more peaceful so I paddled over to Penny Island and headed on down along it’s edge and stopped here for a look around for a bit.riverview


River’s mouth area

Eventually I paddled across the river coming to the mouth area here. Lots of birds in the water to paddle through. If I paddle slowly it doesn’t bother them too much.birds


Lots of birds

The mouth was open to the ocean so I paddled over towards it. It was going on high tide so water was rushing into the river and I didn’t have to be concerned about being sucked out into the ocean.mouth


My view looking north along the ocean shore looking out the river’s mouth.birds6


Still quite a few pelicans around but not near as many as the other day.pels


More birds resting on the shore.pels9


And the rock just outside the month in the ocean looking west.rock


I sat around in my boat for a good while then started back up the river going by these guys. Note the harbor seal in the water. They all seemed to be in the water today instead of resting on the shoreline.seal


I paddled up the island back channel and around the upper end by the milk barn and this deer caught my eye about the same time I caught it’s eye. Not much to do as we were real close, face to face so it just stood there as I paddled on.deer


From there I paddled the short distance to the boat ramp and pulled my boat out and headed on home.

Ordering car parts

I stopped in Monte Rio at the auto parts place to see about getting some wheel bearings for my car as one of them seems to be making more noise than usual. They have a fairly sharp lady there by the name of Sarah who found what I needed and got the parts ordered and I left for home. Always nice to order parts from someone that knows what they are doing.

Checking the dozer

Once home and after a good break I fired up the quad runner and rode it up to the dozer, up in the hills. It needs it’s battery changed as it’s been awhile since it was last run. I checked the oils which where ok so  tomorrow I’ll run it for a bit to charge the battery up.dozer


Checking springs

My other purpose  for riding up into the hills was to check on some springs to see how they were doing. I stopped in this spot and checked on the spring here which were doing ok.quad


Then I rode up the road to another spring spot.road


Did some work at Hog Wallow

This is Hog Wallow Spring which hasn’t been working as well as it should. It’s letting water through and not collecting it all or the hog wallow would be dry. I worked on cleaning it out a bit and I’ll keep an eye on the wallow to see if it dries up.hogwallow


Lots of water in the tanks

On the way down I stopped at our water tanks to check the water level as I forgot and left the sprinkler running all night. The tanks were only a foot from being full so all was good I can water the yard some more.

I went on home and that pretty much was my day.

Nice day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    A nice productive day and love your wildlife photos.

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