Roof Work, Chainsaw Work, Wireless Tinkering and the Rains Continue

Saturday, Sunday January 19, 20, 2019 Guerneville CA.

More rain

Yesterday it rained off and on so I didn’t get much done on anything.

Worked on the roof framing

I did cut and put up the roof framing just above the ladder.frame


Another angle of the work on the roof support framing.adapter


Trying to improve the wireless signal

My wireless out to the chicken coop is marginal at best so I’m trying other spots for the adapter to the camera, but it seems no matter where I put it, it’s still marginal so I might have to do some other kind of hook up, but at least it’s working, but shaky.wireless



It started raining again this morning on and off again.

Painting under the sink

I put the third coat of paint under the kitchen sink. The board on the left is a shelf that goes under there. I painted it green as I wanted the left over paint to do some painting in the chicken coop. I think maybe one more coat on this job.paint


Cutting up debrie

After that the rain had mostly stopped so I got the chainsaw out and cut up these redwood limbs that the wind blew down during a storm the other day.limbs


Hard rain gets me wet

It started to rain again just before I was finished cutting things up so I had to hurry. I wasn’t quick enough and got caught in a real hard downpour, but it’s only water and not that cold out.

Limbs all cut up but cleanup will have to wait for another day.cutup


Nothing seemed to work

It continued to rain the rest of the day so I played around with my new camera trying to improve the wireless connection by moving the wireless adapters around but nothing seemed to improve the signal.

Here’s a shot of the yard during the rain.rain


Getting dark

Before I knew it it was getting dark and the day was over. I closed up the chickens and went on in the house and that was my day.

Wet but nice as it wasn’t too cold out.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Another busy day , hope you can get a better signal for you camera.

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