Road Blocked, Dentist, Phone and Internet Fixed, Lots of Rain

Thursday December 15, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Raining hard and headed out for the dentist

It rained all night and was still raining this morning as I got it going. I needed to get to the dentist by 10 AM to get some crowns installed so I took off with plenty of time to spare.

However, just a few miles from Forestville, I ran into a road closed sign. The guy there said the road would be closed for an hour as some trees had come down across it.

Could I still make it on time

That meant I had to drive back to Guerneville and take the other road to Forestville. I wasn’t sure I’d  make it in time, but I figured at least I’d get there in time to get some of the work done.

Of course I got behind a big slow truck all the way back to Guerneville and most of the way to Forestville, but I made it just in time for my appointment.

Not what I expected

Now I was supposed to get six crowns installed, but it seems the lab failed to get four of them done on time so I only got two of them done.

Too wet for that so shopped instead

It was still raining as I drove home. I was thinking of going by the tire guy and getting my car’s tires rotated, but decided it was too wet and I should go on home.

But as I was going through Guerneville, I thought it would be a good idea to do little shopping and then head on home, so I did.

Saw the phone guy up on a pole

I’ve been waiting a week for ATT to get my phone line fixed up and on the right number. Near my house, I saw a guy out there working on the line in the pouring down rain. He did have an umbrella to work under.

Shortly my phone rang. It was the guy working on the line and wanted to know if this was my phone number, which it was. I chatted with him a bit while I waited for my internet modem light to turn from red to green.

Phone and internet back online

Once that happened all was good and I thanked the guy for working out in the pouring down rain and wished him a happy holidays and now I’m back on the net.

Nice rainy storm

This was the view of the rain out from my car port.rain


And the rain was coming down in my driveway


This is my view from my back porch looking at a peach tree.tree


And the creek in the back turned brown and came up a bit.creek

It looks like there is a about five inches of rain in the bucket since it started last night. That should rise the river up a bit.

That all meant I stayed in the house for the rest of the day and took it easy.

It’s still raining nicely this evening so the river should be up a bit by tomorrow and if the rain stops I should be on the river at Jenner.

That was my day.

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