River Paddle and Looking For My Pulaski Up On a Forest Trail

Saturday January 21, 2023 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

I haven’t been out for a paddle in quite some time so today was the day. I drove on down to the Monte Rio boat ramp to see if there was any steelhead fishing going on yet, but the river water was  still too muddy. The boat ramp only had a little mud on it and will be busy with fishermen as soon as the water clears up.rioramp1


Paddle at Jenner

I continued my drive on down the river to Jenner and put my boat in the water and started my paddle up the river, a short distance going along here.river2


With the river’s water being muddy from the recent rains, there weren’t a lot of critters around as with the water muddy, there is less to feed on.

I was headed to those big logs just up ahead where I would sit for a half hour or so just watching for things and enjoying the day.logs3


Sit spot

This was my sit spot.sitting4


The cows were grazing up on the hill tops across from me.cows5


Drifting down the river

Eventually, I turned my boat down river and drifted in the current going by these bufflehead ducks.ducks6


This great blue heron didn’t fly off and just sat there as I drifted on by.heron7



After getting out at the boat ramp, I drove the short distance down to the overlook at the ocean where the river meets it and flows into it.overlook8



Looking north out over the ocean.ocean11


River’s mouth

When the river comes up in the winter, the river’s mouth moves north a bit and goes out into the ocean here.mouth13



There were a bunch of them resting down on the sandy beach as the ocean’s waves pounded the shoreline.seals10


This was the view looking south.ocean12


Hunting for my Pulaski

I got home early enough to take a short nap, then I  hopped on the dirt bike and rode up into the hills to take a walk out this trail. I needed to find one of my Pulaski trail tools I thought I’d hidden out there somewhere, the last time I used it. I hunted all around but didn’t find it but had a nice hike.trail14


I sat around on that trail quite a bit enjoying the forest and thought, just maybe the tool was on another trail or back at home. I’m thinking maybe it is on the trail I was burying our main spring pipe awhile back.

But it was getting dark when I got back to the dirt bike, so didn’t go look, but instead hurried down to my brother’s chickens and put them away for the night.

Nice day.

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