Ripe Apricots, Front Quad Runner Tire Repair and Picking Berries

Sunday June 20, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Apricots ripening

This morning while walking around the yard I noticed this apricot tree had cots on it that are ripening so I’ll have to pick them soon if I don’t want the birds to get them.apricotree


Weeds for the hens

I picked some fresh weeds for the momma hen and chicks.peeps


Tire work

Since I had new front tires coming on Tuesday I needed to get the old tires off so I started that project.breaking2


Learning to use the tire bars right

The board wasn’t breaking these tire beads so I tried using the tire irons and was able to break the bead in this spot using the part the board was pushing on. I just kept playing around with the bars and the tire finally came off as well as the bottom side doing the same thing.irons3


HO ho tough one

But the second tire didn’t work out that way. It wouldn’t come off the bead no matter what I tried until I went for the spot the car tire was holding down and  pounded the tire iron into that spot with the hammer and I was then able to work the tire off the rim with the tire irons.

Sweet spot

This is the hard tire and the irons are in the sweet spot and I just broke the bead. I had to do the same thing for the other side of the tire. It was the only place I could pound the tire iron past the tire bead.brokebead4


Anyway that’s the hard part of this job.

Green slime

One of the tires had what is called green slime in it and that’s what rusted the rim on the left and made the tire hard to get off the bead. Now I need to clean the rims up but not today.rims5


More weeds for the chickens

I went over to my brother’s vegetable patch for weeds for for all the other chickens. Lots of weeds here.



I pulled piles of weeds and took them over to the chicken pen.weedpile7


I got a wheelbarrow full of weeds.weedhaul8


The chickens liked the weeds.weeds9


Picking berries

In the evening I went to the blueberry patch to pick some blueberries to freeze.berrypatch11


Blueberries are getting ripe, more each day.blueberries10


Yummy berries

Some strawberries were also ripe so I picked them to freeze too.berrybowl


Some chair hopping around the yard finished the day.

Nice day.

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One Response to Ripe Apricots, Front Quad Runner Tire Repair and Picking Berries

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Hi Bob –
    Beautiful berries!
    That last tire picture makes me wonder how old your car tires are.
    Maybe you’re not done with tires yet.
    And how do chickens, that don’t have teeth, eat those big, long weeds?
    I either need to hang out with some chickens or you need to make another movie :o)

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