Ridge Top Camp In the Clouds

Tuesday June 6, 2023 Plumas National Forest CA.

Up the road

We camped here on the road last night and today we decided to try and go on  up this road to see if it went on through to the main road we wanted to travel today. This road wasn’t  wasn’t on our mapsroad1


The road started out pretty good.road2


Over grown road

But soon got pretty tight with tree limbs blocking the road. We pushed on through. This is why the vans don’t have real nice paint jobs.raod3


We pushed through a lot of tight tree limbs and got lots of new pin stripes, but Marty stopped for this one and it’s the only one we cut off.limb4


Marty had a little battery operated chainsaw that made quick work of that limb. You can see, even with that limb removed the road was tight and the vans had to push through the small trees.saw5


Road closed

We were almost to the top end of the road when we came to an abrupt stop at these downed trees across the road.van6


We weren’t getting through all these trees without a big chainsaw. It appeared the forest fire a couple years ago stopped here where some dozers cut a break in the trees, but messed up the road in the process.trees7


Back down the road

Of course that meant we had to somehow get turned around and go crashing back through all the little trees, about two miles of them.

Marty’s checking our only turn around spot and we did get turned around and headed back down the road.turn8


Better look

We made it back to the  main road that stopped us at the creek last night. I thought we’d have a better look at the creek and see if we could figure out where the road was and if we could make it through.vans9


I scouted the creek there on the left and found the way through and decided we could make it without too much trouble.vans10


I went first, on up the creek. It was shallow and rocky, but solid.creek12


Marty followed me.creek11


Break time

Once through the creek area the road got real good, so we stopped to look at the map and figure out which way we wanted to go after a break.vans13


The road took us up to the ridge top and the road was pretty good.road14


Let’s camp here

We were driving down the road and the ridge top opened up to this spot with few trees. I thought this would be a nice spot for tonight so I informed Marty that we should stop here for the night where we had a good sky view.camp17


I went for a walk looking around the forest for morel mushrooms but found none. We were in the clouds and got a bit of thunder and some real light rain showers.camp15


We were in the clouds as night settled down around us.clouds16


Since we are on the ridge top, there is some cell phone service here, so I am able to post.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Ridge Top Camp In the Clouds

  1. Nina says:

    According to iNaturalist the weird plants are Leafless Wintergreen Pyrola aphylla

  2. Patsy+Irene says:

    You two get into some real tight spots but you’re used to that on the trails you ride up back home! :)
    Nice spot in the clouds for an overnight stay.

  3. Gaelyn says:

    Tight driving for sure. Like your camp but don’t think my truck could get there.

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