Ride In the Forest and Off To the Tire Shop For the Van

Monday August 14, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

I thought I had a tire appointment for my van at one. Good thing I checked the tag as I found it was at 3.

Barry was in the yard ready to go for a ride up into the hills, so now I had time to go too as long as I was back in time to head out for the tire shop.

We rode up the Talking Trees Trail and turned off on the waterfall trail to here. Barry is walking up to the waterfall.barry


He’s checking the pool to see how much water is in it.fall



Not much water in the pool as it leaks a lot. I need to put some blue clay in the bottom of this pool so it will fill up with water. I guess I’ll get to that eventually.pool


There’s only a small amount of water coming down the falls, enough to fill that pool at the bottom if it wasn’t leaking.falls


Off to ride

We are leaving the falls and going for a ride on the rest of the property.trail


Lost me

Barry lost me in one spot. I thought he didn’t turn off on another road, but I went down it a short ways and listened for the sound of his bike. I didn’t hear it, so I took the other road and he wasn’t were he should have been so I went back and went down that road and listened again. I thought I heard him and went down that road, but he wasn’t there, so I knew we were just missing each other looking for each other. I finally found him where I thought he was at first. We took off riding around some more and ended up at this ridge top for a rest.resting


My view from my sitting spot. I need to make a small flat so I can put a chair up here.myview


It was getting time for me to leave for my tire appointment so we left the rest spot and headed for my house.

Tire shop

I was a bit early when I signed in for  my appointment. The gay said about fifteen minutes. One hour later, I was finally called to get the job done. lobby


I always have to drive my van in as not many of these guys in this modern age know how to shift, three on the column with a manual clutch. To be sure they don’t mess things up, I always do it just to be safe.shop


Damage warranty

As it turned out, my tire was worn more than 25 percent so I had to pay 75 bucks for the new tire. If it was under 25 percent, it wouldn’t of cost me anything. That was still better than full price. A damage warranty comes with the tires and it’s prorated to how much of it got used.

Old van

It’s interesting just how many people notice the old van. Two different guys came up to me while I was waiting and said, is that your old van? I saw you drive by, neat van. Then we have a conversation for a bit which helps kill the time.


Game cams

I’d picked up the cam cards earlier with Barry, but when I checked out the cards, the cams were set too high and shooting over most stuff. I rode back up there just before dark and put them down a bit lower, I think. I moved this one down a  bit lower and made sure it was pointed down lower.spring


What’s this

This was on the lower cam and is all I got on it when I picked the card up earlier in the day.

It’s either a giraffe or a deer, getting a drink of water. :O)deer


Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Yup I have the same problem “pointing” the game cam. Nice leg though!!!! It’s hard to believe that no one knows how to drive a manual transmission any more. This generation doesn’t know what FUN is!!

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