Repairing Shoes and Some Work On the Van

Sunday September 3, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Fixing shoes

I kick a lot of dirt with my shoes when I’m making trails and stuff. That means I rip seams out where the shoe bends and stuff get into the shoe which isn’t good.

I got the epoxy out and some tape and mended the seam and left the shoe for the epoxy to setup. The tape was to help the seam to stay together while the glue setup.shoefix


These quail moved through the yard while I was resting in a chair.quail


I decided to fix this shoe too and applied some epoxy to fix this seam. No tape was required on this one.shoe


I was out of shoes so I put my slippers on as I planned to take it easy in the yard today anyway. I over did things on my sore back yesterday and it was a bit sorer today.

Van prep

I made the bed in there just to get it done. Then I took inventory on what was in there and what I needed for an upcoming trip.

I wanted to install some air conditioning in the van. Being an old van, this was the best I could do. That should help on real hot


Steering box research

The van’s steering wheel is a bit on the loose side. It’s been that way for quite some time, so today, I did some research on the internet to see what I need to do to tighten it up. Looks like an easy adjustment on the steering box which I will do soon.


In the evening I rode over to  my brother’s chicken pens and gathered the eggs again. I do it at noon and then in the evening. They had a lot at noon, but none this time.chickens


Nice day.

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