Repairing Mixers and a Ride Through the Forest

Thursday April 29, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Repairing mixers

I was over talking with my neighbor Dominique this morning. She asked it I’d look at her mixer to see why the handle was slipping. I looked and found a loose screw which I tightened up and that was fixed.

That was easy so she said could you look at my other one that the spindle keeps falling out on. Sure I said as she also helps me with my chickens when I travel.

Harder to fix this one

Here’s the mixer with the spindle problem after I took it apart.mixer


The spindle won’t stay up in that geared part and falls down when in use. The spindle just is pressed in and is not supposed to fall out but I think the pressed in part isn’t holding when pressed in. I have a solution I think but I put it aside as I wanted to get outside as it was nice out there.spindle


If my solution doesn’t work she will just have to buy the spindle part which should fix it.

Picking up brush

I made this mess of brush I cut the other day so it would be good to get it cleaned up.brush3


And  I had all this brush too. I hauled it to the brush pile about a hundred feet across the yard. And the shovel I used to dig up a bunch of wild blackberry vines that keep trying to take over.shavel4


Water level

Another thing I wanted to do was check the water level in our water tanks and if they were about full I wanted to do some watering of the raspberry patch tonight.

The easiest way to check the water tanks was to jump on the dirt bike and ride up to them to see.

Sitting on log stool

But on the way I got side tracked and rode up to the ridge top and sat on one of those log stools on the left for a good bit.ridgetop5


My view from the log stool, over looking Guerneville.view6


Forest fire breaks

Since I was on the ridge top  I rode around taking a look at the fire breaks from last summers forest fire.break7


I was riding down the ridge here and took the road to the left down the hill.break8


Trees are always falling down in the forest which is ok, but they tend to  block the roads. This one was too big for me to move.tree9


And so was this one but I rode under this one.tree10



There’s several spring areas up in these hills where we get our house water and here’s one of them where I stopped to check things out, making sure the pipe’s where all hooked up as they should be.spring11


Then it was down this road headed down to our water tanks.road12


Tanks are full of water

The pink ribbon on the left says the tanks are full of water so the raspberries will get some water this evening.rank13


I continued on home going though here, an old orchard, not in much use these days as most of the apple trees are gone.grass14



As I sat out in the yard this evening I noticed this sunset, one of the better ones from here as with the hills and trees the sky view is limited, but the big trees make up for that.sunset


Nice day.

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