Removing a Stump and a Walk On the Talking Trees Trail

Monday January 31, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

I rode my quad runner up into the hills to do some trail work.

I had a small stump that was in the old trail that needed to be removed. I dug it up thinking it may just be small and pop out but it was small but it was hooked to big log that was buried.stump1


So since I couldn’t dig it out of the ground, I split it up until the remainder was lower then the trail dirt.split2


I put the dirt back and now it looks like this. Much better.fixed3


Trail walk

That was enough work for one day so from there I went over to the Talking Trees Trail and walked around on it. The wind was blowing a bit today so that meant the trees were doing some talking as they rubbed on each other. The wind wasn’t much so there wasn’t a lot of talking as when it really blows.

I walked down the trail through here.trail4


And under this log and down the trail.trail5


Walking through here was nice with the big ferns.trail6


I was making a loop so I walked up this part of the trail.trail7


And along here to get back to where I’d parked the quad runner.trail8



I rode the quad back on home where I found the chickens begging to be let out into the front yard where they like to graze in the late afternoon.chickens9


The main rooster with some of his hens grazing under some cherry trees.rooster10



I spotted this wild quail. I’ve noticed they’ve been getting quite tame and seem to like to stay in the big brush pile near by.qawil11


I think they’ve been getting used to me while I sit in my chairs with my chickens and have been getting brave as they usually fly off and are skittish.

Here’s some more of them, I think there was about 30 or so of them.quail12


The daffodils continue to bloom.daffs13


I sat out with the birds until it started to get dark and chilly so I went in for the day.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Removing a Stump and a Walk On the Talking Trees Trail

  1. Ken+Solbakken says:

    Bob, I’m happy to see you bought some new toys. I guess there’s no such thing as drones insurance? Looking at your photo while flying over Tom’s chicken pen I started thinking about the serial chicken killer that got into his pen a while back. Did you ever have any luck identifying the culprit? One of the lease days before too long I will have to drive out your way so we can shoot the bull for a while.
    Good blogs!

  2. Patritia I Richards says:

    Btw. I forgot to comment the other day on your drone pictures. I loved seeing your property from that view. Makes it easy to see the places you talk about. You have a nice spot.

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