Ray’s Gas Furnace, Visiting, a Spark Plug, Flowers and Eggs

Monday February 14, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Helping out a neighbor

Ray has a problem getting his furnace in his camper to work so he asked me to take a look at it.

He’d checked out what he could but he couldn’t get it to work.

I rounded up my tools and met him at his house around noon today to have a look at it.camper


The furnace is in that hole by his hand so things where hard to get to.heater


I checked out all the electrical stuff and looked at the igniter and we tried to get it to fire but no go. Everything I looked at pointed to a problem in the control module,………..but.

Ray didn’t really want to take the unit out. We talked about it. He said he didn’t use it much and I suggested for the small amount of time he needs a heater a Little Buddy heater might work out better for him and less costly than fixing this one likely.

He said he’d check them out.

Spark plug

From there I drove down to the local parts place to get a spark plug for my quad runner which they had.

To the river

As long as I was out and about, I might as well do some visiting so I headed for the little town of Monte Rio where I stopped at the river boat ramp to see if anyone was steelhead fishing

Boat ramp.river



I was surprised not to find hardly anyone fishing. Could it be the guys are getting too old and like their nice cozy homes instead of fishing? Or maybe there’s just no fresh fish coming in off the ocean to spawn.

Visit Charlie

I came to Monte Rio to visit Charlie a long time resident so I drove up the very narrow one what road up on the side of a hill to his place. They were having a valentines get together, so I shoot the bull with everyone there for an hour or so and had a nice time.

Home to try that plug

I was pretty sure the new spark plug would fix the quad runner’s problem but the only way to find out for sure was to try it. I held the plug to ground and pushed the button and there was lots of spark at the plug so it should work.plug


Once that plug was in it fired right up and ran better than it’s run in a long time. Fixed.

The rest of the day I spent sitting and walking around the yard checking stuff out.

The California Dutchman’s pipe flowers are pretty much in full bloom and will soon put on some nice green vines and then the black butterflies will come to eat the green stuff, or at least their caterpillars will and then go off and turn into more black butterflies. They do this every year.pipes



I plan to dig these daffodil’s bulbs up when they die and transplant the bulbs in the spaces so eventually I’ll have full rows along this driveway.daffs


Besides being nice to look at daffs are no work to maintain. Once planted they just do their thing and bloom at the right time and then die and decay away, no cleanup and they don’t’ need any water and nothing eats them, nothing, which is amazing in itself.


I put the sprinkler on the newest woodchip pile to help it along turning into mulch faster. Getting the pile all wet helps kick off the mulching process.chips



And I went out to collect the day’s eggs as my chickens are starting to lay more eggs now which means I eat more eggs. eggs


Nice day.

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