Rainy Morning Then I Checked Out the Fire Break Areas

Friday January 8, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy morning

It was raining again this morning so no use getting it going too soon so I stayed in bed a bit longer and it finally stopped just before noon.

Once I got it going and I took care of the chicken’s needs I thought a dirt bike ride would be good.

Dirt bike ride

I checked the gas in the dirt bike and headed up into the hills to check on the forest fire rehab areas to see how they were doing as far as any erosion or not from the recent rains.

Fire break areas

I rode on up into the hills to this fire break area. Things had a little erosion but not bad as I rode down this break area.ridge


Cold out

I did make a mistake and did not wear enough warm clothes today and the chill was going right through me.

I parked here to walk around a bit and check out this fire break area which looked pretty good.break


I checked out this fire break area too, also looking good.firebreak


Little walk

I noticed this little flat looking area, an area I’d never checked out before so I went for a little walk in it to see what I could see.redwoods


And walked through this area to get back to the dirt bike. I had my eyes open for any new wild mushrooms popping up. I saw a few old ones and that was about it.trees


Should have dressed better

I got back to were the dirt bike was parked and continued on my ride, still getting chilled. I should of worn more warm clothes.firetrail



I rode on up the the Guerneville overlook area to have a look.lookout


The town of Guerneville is down there, but I was pretty chilled by now and headed on out to check one more fire break area on the ridge top.guerneville


This is a pretty big fire break which was holding up well to the rains.tophill


Spring check

By now I was so chilled I headed back down the hill stopping to check out this spring to see if the water had increased yet from the recent rains which it had not but it was running good so I got a drink and headed for home chilled clear through.spring


On the way home I checked out this area lower on the hill which was looking good with lots of new grasses coming up.grass


Chickens out

Once I got home it was time to let the chickens out into the front yard for the day so I did that and then went in the house to try and warm up crawling into bed. chickens


Chilled clear though

It took a long time to warm up, I should of taken a hot shower and then crawled back in bed but I didn’t so it took a long time to get the chill out of me.

Around dark I went out to close up the chickens for the night and went back in the house and that was it for me today.

I had a nice ride even though I got too cold, but with the recent rains the forest was real nice.

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2 Responses to Rainy Morning Then I Checked Out the Fire Break Areas

  1. don striepeke says:

    you have great otter pics my twelve pound rat terrier swam across river to pick a fight with four otters they went underwater dog started to swim back got pulled almost under twice she barely made it back probably dis located hip lacerations on foot fine in two days

  2. Patsy+Irene says:

    There isn’t much that feels worse than getting chilly like that, away from home and a distance ahead of you before you start to warm up. Hope that chill didn’t get into your bones and give you a cold.
    The sun was obviously deceiving!

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