Rainy Days and A Tree Down in the Driveway

Monday February 20, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Another rainy day

Yesterday it rained all day so I stayed in the house for a lazy sort of day.

Today, it was again supposed to rain all day, so I started the day out taking it easy again.

Tree down slows me down only a little

Just after noon I decided to head on down to Guerneville to the local Safeway store to do some shopping,…………………but.

As I drove up to my gate, I could see a big madrone tree had fallen over during the night so I wasn’t going that way.gate


I opened the gate just to have a look and decided I couldn’t or shouldn’t drive through the downed tree with my car.treegate


Taking an alternate route

I turned around and drove out through my brother’s place across the creek and drove to Guerneville and did my shopping and drove back home and put my stuff away.

Trying out the new rain pants

It was still raining so I put on my rain gear trying out the new rain pants for the first time.

Since it was raining I decided not to use a chainsaw and got my compound loppers instead to cut up the small stuff. I only wanted to cut enough to get through for now.

This is what it looked like as I started to trim up some of the smaller branches to get by.tree


My neighbor shows up to help

I trimmed it up this much and drug the brush off towards my brush pile. My neighbor from across the street came by to help clean up a bit.cutree


This is what it looked like from the road with the brush removed providing enough room to drive by for now.road


Brush for the habitat pile

We drug the brush to this spot by one of my habitat piles and since it was still raining, I left it there for now as piling it up onto the pile tends to get one wet when it’s raining.pile


Plum trees are blooming too soon

In the above picture you can see a number of my plum trees blooming white in the background. It’s not good to bloom in the rain as things don’t get pollinated well with the bees keeping cozy in their hives. But I have quite a few different ones, so maybe some will wait to bloom when it’s not raining.

Always good to get some exercise

If that tree hadn’t fallen down I would of spent all day in the house again, but instead got out and got some exercise.

Oh, the new rain pants worked real good. The only problem I had is I put them over my jeans so I had a hard time holding them up. They are actually made to wear by themselves and with a pair of suspenders I think they will keep me nice and warm and dry.

Just as I was typing that last paragraph, the power went off putting me in the dark. I lite my oil lamb and was sitting in the dark when the power came back on in thirty minutes or so and luckily I’d done a safe on this post so I didn’t have to start over. I’m not sure why the power went off. It’s raining lightly and the winds don’t seem to be gusting. Maybe a car slid into something or a tree just got too wet and fell over?

That was my day.

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