Raining But I Got Out Of The House Eventually

Thursday December 23, 2021 Guerneville CA

Rainy day

It was raining again when I got it going this morning. That’s not a complaint as we need the rain.

So anyway I sat around the house this morning for two or three hours waiting to see if it was going to let up.

Rain gauge

There was less rain then the weather guys predicted. I only had about two inches of rain in my rain gauge.gauge


Got out of the house

Around two the rain turned to light showers so I put on my rain jacket on and  rode my quad runner up into the hills. Much better then sitting around the house all day.

I rode up this trail. That little redwood tree fell a couple weeks ago and I’ve just been riding over it.



Checking out the Work area

I parked in this spot and walked up to the area I wanted to check out for water damage up the trail a bit further but too muddy and soft to ride the quad up it, that’s why I walked.quad


Checking out the log jam area

I walked up to the log jam area to check it out. It was mostly doing well with the water running down the middle of it as it should.water


I puttered around that area for about an hour or so making little adjustments here and there until I was satisfied every thing looked good.

Checking the water crossing

Then I walked back to my quad and rode around a bit then headed for home stopping at this spot to check it out. It’s mostly doing ok, but I’m not satisfied with it yet. I need some more rocks to make some adjustments to it but at least the water is going over it nicely.crossing


I continued on home as the rain showers increased.

Nice day.

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