Rain Showers and A Dirt Bike Ride In the Forest

Wednesday May 3, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

The weather guys said rain showers today so I didn’t have any plans.

But then I saw my brother Berry out front with his truck and motor bike so that took care of that.

My brother Tom came by and he and Barry shot the bull for awhile about financing and managing money so I listened just in case I get some, money I mean.barry1


Bike ride

We finally took off and headed for the hills going through here.riding2


This was the view as we made it to the first ridge line. Lots of clouds and very light rain, just light drizzles so, not hard enough to get wet. forest3


I was surprised to see a few rotten trees across the roads that we had to stop and remove. I guess it was windier than I thought the other day.roadtrees4


Top of the World

We have over five miles of roads on our place and some more on our neighbors where we can ride. The dirt bikes eat them up pretty fast and after an hour or so we ended up on my cousin’s place on the highest hill top, she calls Top of the world were we usually stop to take a good break.sky5


Barry,checking out a new motor bike on the internet Tom told him about. This spot has good cell service. He decided the bike he had was good enough.hilltop6


Sky view

Lots of clouds in the sky, looking south.view6


I maneuvered to get a better sky shot to the west and ran into these flower bushes blooming. Monkey flowers, I think.flowers8


The view to the west where the clouds were coming in over the ocean that is just over those hills.west9


There are three roads that can get us off the Top of the World ridge but we ran into downed trees that were too big for us to move on two of them, so we took the one we came in on and continued our ride for another half hour or so.

We stopped here to remove these rotten little trees across the road. Since Barry rides first, he gets to remove most of the smaller stuff, especially if I take a picture.rotree10


We made it back home without getting wet and Barry took off for home.

Rain showers

It wasn’t long before some more serious rain showers hit so I mostly stayed in the house for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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