Rain, Fresh Oranges, a New USB LED Light, Vegetables for Soup

Saturday February 2, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I could hear the rain coming down this morning as I woke up so no reason to get it going too early.

Fresh home grown oranges

Eventually I did get it going. When I went outside I found these oranges on my car. My brother Mike who grows them must have been by and left them for me. Yummy.oranges


I fed the chickens and checked their water and then went back in the house as I had a project in there to do.

USB LED light modification

Ken S. gave me this adjustable led light that ran off of batteries from Harbor Freight. I like the light but not the batteries so much. I thought this would be a nice light for my van.

It runs on 4.5 volts with the batteries so I was thinking a USB cable would be good to power it without the batteries as USB has a 5 volt line in it. Close enough on the voltage. I have a cigarette lighter usb plug I can plug into a socket in my van to power this without the batteries.

Here’s the adjustable led light and the usb connector I need to attach to the light.light


I plugged my soldering iron in and soldered the right wires to the lights battery connectors and cut a slot in the plastic case to keep the usb cable from pulling out. Once I put the battery cover back on it will be secure, the wire I mean.soldered


Once done I plugged it into a USB port on the computer and tested it out and it worked as it should. I have it turned down to low for this picture and it gets real bright when I turn the adjustment know up.lighton


It’ll turn up

That turned out well. Now I just need to locate the USB cig. power supply I have. I located it the other day and put it out where I could find it but so far I can’t find it. It will turn up.

Chickens like to graze

By this time the rain had turned to showers so I went outside and let the chickens out to graze. When I open the gate to let them out they go crazy running and flying out to graze. I can’t say I blame them as the pasture is better than being penned up.chickens


Dust box

While most of them were out grazing I replenished their dust box with some fire ash and some diatomaceous earth.

Here’s a some chickens watching me. I mix it all up, dirt, ash and diatomaceous earth.dustbox


Armstrong Valley Farm for a pot of soup

I’ve been thinking it’s time for a big pot of vegetable soup so I walked over to my brother’s garden. It’s a big garden as he runs Armstrong Valley Farm. Actually it’s only one of his gardens as he has several plots.

I got come cabbage and arugula in this spot.garden


I went by his chickens as I was leaving.chicks


Finishing up an earlier repair to the creek crossing

I needed to fix this creek crossing pipe up we repaired awhile ago. But I never got around to putting the frost pertection pipes back on or covering things back up. I needed to take the white pipe cover home to slit it so I can put it back on the water line.

I need to get this all back together and covered back up.pipe


I went by these bees on the way home. No bees were out today, to damp and cool.bees


At dark I closed the chickens in.

Getting a free smartphone and service

I’ve been thinking of getting a wireless phone which I can get free with service though my social security.

I finally got off the thinking part and did some research on the web and decided on which company I want to use and went through their signup process online as it seemed to be one of the easier ones to sign up with.

Always a snag

Shorty after doing that I got an email saying my picture of proof of SSS didn’t work out and call this number. I did call that number and the guy says to submit the picture in an email to their customer care department so I did. It might be handy to have one of these phones when I travel around.

That was my day a bit wet but still nice.

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  1. George Yates says:

    I like your USB connection fr the light, good idea. A smart phone is something handy especially when travelling

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