Rain and Hail and a Nice Bike Ride In the Forest

Sunday December 4, 2022 Guerneville CA.


I thought I heard it raining real hard about day break today, but I didn’t get up to see.

Around noon I got it going and I ran into my brother in the yard. He said, it wasn’t rain, but hail and everything was white for a short time.

When I got it going, it was mostly clouds with only an occasional shower.sky1


Checking out the forest

That seemed like a good idea as everything was a bit on the damp side and I didn’t have anything else planned anyway.

Where’s those rain pants

I did put on some warm clothes and a rain jacket. I looked for my rain pants but can’t seem to locate them and I didn’t need them anyway.

I rode the dirt bike up this road, taking my time enjoying the day.road2


After riding around a bit, I stopped here for a short break.bike3


And then I rode out this road to the overlook area.trail5


The sun was trying to come through the clouds. The clouds mostly won but at least the rain held up while I was out riding around.hilltop4


I rode down this road through the redwood trees and stopped here and there to throw rocks off the roads.raod6



I ran over quite a few of these tan oak acorns that had fallen. The deer were eating some of them. In olden days the Indians would come up here to camp and gather these acorns and grind them up to eat, making some kind of meal out of them. I bet they were real tasty once they fixed them up right.acorns7


I stopped in this spot to throw small rocks off the road. That’s always good for some exercise.rocks8



Once in awhile, I’d stop to throw one of these larger rocks off the road. Rocks just roll down the hills onto the roads, especially when it rainsrock9


After a good ride I headed for home checking the water level in our water tanks. They were full so that was good. These tanks are fed by our water springs from high up in the hills.tanks10


Chickens out

Once back home I let the chickens out into the front yard to graze.chickens11



This is what the  squirrels do to my avocados. The one on the left is good. I’ve slowed the rats down on eating them but the squirrels I haven’t been able to slow down much.avocados12


Rat station resupply

Here’s my bait station for the rats under the avocado tree. The rats have been working on eating the bait. I have the game cam set up on the box on the right.setup12


I smashed up some more bait cubes and put them in the feeders which I put under the lid to keep the rain off it.bait13

Nice day.

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  1. Deb says:

    I wonder if some kind of netting may keep the squirrels away.


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