Quartzsite RC Plane Field, Visiting, the Eagle and the Bunny

Saturday March 19, 2022 Quartzsite Arizona

RC air field

I thought I might catch Bill from the Patsy blog listed in my side panel at the RC flying field here in Quartzsite so I left about 8:30  to catch him there as  he’s been going down there quite often.

Here’s the air field when I arrived but Bill didn’t show up.field1


I walked around and shot the bull with the guys there flying their planes.planes3


I watched this guy launch his plane and fly around a bit then land.plane2


From there I drove over to Adele’s house to visit with her as I hadn’t seen her since the last time I was down here before covid.

She was building cabinets for her garage and doing a real good job on them with sliders under all the drawers.garage5



We went in the house and shot the bull for over an hour, then I mentioned I had a drone which she was interested in so I said let’s go out in the garage and I’ll get the drone out and give you a demo.drone4


Then I launched the drone in her driveway and sent it up 25 feet to demo it showing her how easy it was to fly.adele (2)


Here’s a closer look at her eagle that the drone took.eagle


We had a good visit and got all caught up.

More visiting

From there I drove back to Quartzsite and it was about happy hour so I drove on over to Patsy and Bill’s place for a visit. There cute little puppy was all over me, he was so excited. I chatted with Bill for a bit then went outside with Patsy too when Nancy K. Showed up. She has a blog too and is in my side bar.

We had a nice chat and then I went on back to Marty and Patti’s place where I found Marty changing his Jeeps tires, a tough job for an older guy.tires7


Marty got his tires changed so we shot the bull for a while when his neighbor Denis showed up to join us.

Everyone took off for dinner and I did the same.

Bunny’s in the yard

I was sitting in my van when this little cotton tail hopped by. There seems to be quite a few of these little guys in the neighborhood.bunny8



Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the Mexican border to get  my tooth fixed up. I plan to drive down on Sunday to be there for my early Monday appointment and I might be there one more day if I need a crown.

I may not have any internet for a few days but I’ll be writing posts and post when I return or get to an internet signal.

Nice day.

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7 Responses to Quartzsite RC Plane Field, Visiting, the Eagle and the Bunny

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Wow, all that flight, and BS too. Hope the tooth is good. Still hanging and moving into Paul’s site when he pulls out Monday. Welcome back.

  2. Patritia I Richards says:

    Opinions are opinions but sometimes if you can’t say something decent, ….you know where I’m coming from.
    Good luck at the dentist and I’m sure you have enough friends not to get hung up over a lost ‘acquaintance’.
    You’re an easy going guy and life is too short.

  3. Angela Smith, la mesa calif. says:

    Like your website. Sorry some don’t understand we all have rights. They do and we do. Good luck at the dentist.

  4. Nancy Kissack this time says:

    Everyone gets to have their own opinion I suppose, some are just more hateful than others. Had a great time talking to you Bob! Hope they get your tooth fixed quickly. Maybe we’ll meet again on down the road. Keep on blogging!!!

  5. Upriverdavid says:

    Jeez Bob..I cannot believe you are pals with some “f’n” idiot who loves that draft dodging POS traitor..I got orders for Cam-Ron bay in 1969…
    If I had only known……I would have never have given any thoughts of meeting up with you for adventures or viewing and following your blog..
    David…92nd Trans-Gun Trucks!..

    • Barb in Florida says:

      Wow – just the sight of her sign – wow! Do you know how bad you look? Anyone, or anything, at all possibly associated to DT is bad? Brainwashed much? TV did that. Bob never said anything about it. People need to learn that others have opinions, too. They may not be the same as yours, but they are entitled to them. Let it go, man. How will human’s ever find peace when something like that can set someone off! Peace be with you.

    • Bob says:

      Hey David,
      I knew her when I worked at HP. I also got orders for Camron Bay in 1967 and spent two terms there and am lucky to be alive. One of the reasons I served was to make sure people that had other ideas were free to believe what they may. She’s a good women and I can’t fault her for her ways. Lighten up man. :O)
      557th Heavy Equipment Company, Combat :O)

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