Quad Tires Fixed So Off for a Test Ride In the Redwood Forest

Friday June 18, 2021 Guerneville CA.

I got the chickens fed this morning and after that just sat down and enjoyed the day.peeps1


Sediment removal

Eventually I worked my way over to the old well and did the sediment thing for about a half hour. I  must be near the bottom as the water is coming up clearer. Of course the chickens love to get a drink of water when I run this thing.sediment2


Chicken bowls from a bucket

I needed a couple of bowls for the chickens so I took a good bucket and marked it and cut it into three pieces with my jig saw. That gives me two bowls that are real sturdy. I trimmed the burrs off the edges with my pocket knife.dishes3


Weeds for the chickens

And then pulled some weeds for the chickens to eat as they like them.weeds4


Getting the tires on the rims

And then I tackled the quad runner tires getting the new tires on the rims.

Putting the tires on was pretty easy after watching some YouTube videos. Two tips. Once the tires are on and need inflated, pull out the valve stem and use an air blower to inflate the tires as it provides more air to do this. Also to seat the tires on the rim so they’ll blow up hold the tire about two feet off the ground and slam it on the ground a number of times to start the tires on the rims, which is a very good tip that makes it much easier to seat them without a hassle. I had to re-slam the second tire but it worked well doing it this way.

Ho Ho, I have the tires on

Tires ready to mount on the machine.tires5


And finally the tires are on and ready for a test ride after a good break.quad6


Ride in the Redwood forest

I rode on up into the redwood forest on the old trail I cleared through here.trail7


And stopped here to throw those sticks off the road.quad8



I stopped and threw these rocks off the road which aren’t  hard on the quad runner but are hard on the narrow dirt bike tires.rocks9


Most of the rocks cleaned off and now the ride will be smooth at least in this part.road10


Spring work

I checked some springs on the way down the hill and when I went by this one I spotted the pipe pulled out of the spring and when I went to reconnect it the pipe was a bit short so I looked down below where I spotted this tree that fell down recently.spring11


You can see the black pipe is under it so I’ll have to bring up the chainsaw and cut the tree off the water pipe soon.treepipe12


There’s always sticks and rocks on the road so if I’m not in a hurry I stop to throw them off the road which is good for some exercise and makes the roads nicer to travel on.

I stopped here and threw those sticks off the road before heading on home.sticks13



And the last thing I did today was pick these strawberries to freeze.strawberries14


Nice day.

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