Quad Ride to the Ridge Top, Toyota Brake Repairs and Making a Pot of Vegetable Stew

Saturday December 1, 2018 Guerneville CA.

A little quad runner ride

Last night I uploaded a video I took of a young bald headed eagle eating a duck. I was able to get pretty close to it for some good shots as the wind almost blew me into it.

Here’s the address on YouTube.


Today I needed to get the quad runner battery charged up as I hadn’t used it in a long while. I aired up the tires, turned the key on and cranked and cranked but it wouldn’t start. At least the battery was still good but not for long if I don’t get it started soon. An idea popped into my head. Try turning on the gas which I did and it finally started and now the battery really needs charging up.

After letting it warm up a bit I was off headed for the ridge top through the forest going through here.trail1


Checking the water tanks

I went by our water tanks and checked the gauge. It said the tanks were full of water and I could see it running out the overflow pipe.tanks2


Up the hill

I rode on up this road moving right along.road3


Ridge top view

It didn’t take long to get to the ridge top where I stopped for a bit to check out the view.ridge4


Guerneville town of

The view of Guerneville from the ridge top.guerneville


From there I went along this road.road5


Disconnecting a spring

And stopped here to remove one of the spring pipes from the main spring feed pipe as that spring tends to get a bit muddy when it rains hard in the winter so I just disconnect it until next summer.spring7


I went on down this road headed for the bottom of the hill.road7


Paper bee nest

I saw this thing laying on the road so I stopped to see what it might be. It’s a paper bee’s nest usually used by yellow jackets or hornets. A bit wet now and nobody home.nest8


Armstrong Valley Farm

I stopped here at one of my brother’s gardens and hunted up some goodies for my vegetable stew I want to make tonight. I can usually find some stuff that isn’t good enough to sell but is very good enough for a stew. Among other things I found some split cabbage and some broccoli and some kale I think and some other cabbage type leaves of some kind. That and and potatoes and onions and I should have it. Yum.gardem9


From there I went on home and it was nap time.


Not really in the mood, but

One of the things I wanted to get accomplished today was to remove my Toyota Land Cruiser’s old brake shoes and old brake cylinders but I wasn’t really in the mood.

Here’s one of them I need to take apart.shoes10


But I got part of it done

Eventually I did get the shoes off all four of the axles and I blew things all off with some air.

Brake shoes off.brakes11


I decided to not remove the brake cylinders yet to give my back a break. But at least I got them this far. Maybe I’ll get the wheel cylinders off tomorrow and it would be good to get the new cylinders on. We’ll see.

Chicken watch

After another break I let the chickens out in the yard and sat down in a chair and stood watch on them for about an hour. They went right for the raspberry patch.chickens


Meet Fluffy

This is Fluffy a light brahma chicken. She’s big and fluffy and fairly friendly.fluffly


The day started to cool down around five and the chickens went in to roost so I headed into the house for the day and that was my day.

Cutting up vegetables

I did get all the vegetables cut up and in the pot and cooking away.

Nice day.

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