Quad Battery Installed and Some Work, Exercise In the Forest

Friday December 20, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Plans change

I had planned to go down to Jenner to kayak for the day but the corn got me last night so I didn’t sleep well. When that happens it’s best to just stay in bed and get a little sleep which is better than no sleep.

I got it going around noon and took care of the chickens and then went back in the house for a little nap.

Installed the new battery

When I got going again I went outside and installed the new battery in the quad runner as I wanted to use the quad runner to ride up into the hills and do some work.battery


Roofing advice

I loaded some digging tools on the quad runner and took off for the hills. I saw my brother Tom on his roof sealing some leaks so went over to give him some advice for a bit as he has a metal roof like mine.roof


Nice work area

After that I rode on up to where our water tanks are located and parked the quad runner here.tanks


Scenic too

The water line crosses the road here. The pipe comes down the hill on the right and the trail the pipe was on was old and needed some work as the pipe was falling off it. Scenic area eh. :O)trail


Pipe trail work

Working in such a scenic area isn’t really like work although it does get one some good exercise. I dug out the trail which you can barely see in the picture, about a hundred feet worth.trailpipe


Getting dark so get

When I had done as much work as I could handle the sun was down and it was getting dark in the forest. Just about time for the boggy man to come out, so I better get. :O)

One last thing

I gathered up my tools and rode on down the hill stopping in this spot where the water had been washing a ditch. The ditch was plugged up with leaves so I cleaned them out a bit so the water would go the right way and not cause a wash out.quad


I made it home about dark. The chickens were in their roost so I shut them in for the night.

Nice day working away up in the woods getting some much needed exercise.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Good to get things taken care of around the property.
    Any sign of mice on the new camera you installed for your brother?

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