Puttering, Making Bread and Cooking a Chinese Dinner

Thursday May 18, 2017 Troy Oregon

More puttering and some cooking

Once I got it going this morning, I went over to the house and found Dan busy working on putting up the new wall that would divide the main bedroom.

My job to build the linen shelves

He reminded me I had to get the shelves started in the bathroom, so I installed the shelf supports.shelves


I will wait until Dan has some left over plywood from the wall to finish this off.

Altering the chicken coup

Sue said she needed something for the chickens to go out of the hen house in the winter when there’s lots of snow.

I took down this stuff on the hen house wall so I could install something.house


The plan was to install this little hen house on the big hen house.chickhouse


I tipped it over to see if it had a floor, but it did not. So I made a plan to support the henhouse off the ground.cage


Joining the houses

I rocked the little house over to the big hen house where it will get hooked to the larger house which I will put a sliding door in once we get the materials.henhouse


I turned out another Chinese dinner


By popular demand I was cooking Chinese dinner tonight, so I got all the stuff out and started putting things together while Sue supervised. I was using a bunch of the morel mushrooms the others got today while Dan and I worked.cooking


Made bread dough this morning

I forgot to tell ya, I made up some bread dough this morning too. Here it is ready to pop in the oven. We are using a Dutch oven to bake it in.douigh


It came out of the oven just after we finished the Chinese dinner and even though we were all full, we had some bread once it cooled a bit and were all really stuffed.bread


Getting the materials list together

After dinner I spent some time getting my materials list together as we are going to town at Lewiston Idaho tomorrow.


A bit later I was sitting on the deck when I spied this deer grazing the grasses down below us.deer


Not long after that it got dark and that was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Productive Day! That bread looks awesome!

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