Puttering Around the Yard Doing Chores and Taking It Easy Too

Sunday March 15, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Yard Chores

Yesterday I did a few chores in the yard.

I shoveled this wheelbarrow full of chicken manure from the chicken’s roost area and I’ll dump it in this mulch pen to mix with the dirt there.wheelbarrow


I also added two wheelbarrows of woodchips to the mix.woodchips


My helpers

And then I let the chickens in to have at it and mix it up.chickesns


A commotion

I heard a commotion by this big redwood tree and when I went over to investigate I was surprised to find what I did.tree


One of my chickens had a nest full of eggs there and was working on hatching them out. 11 eggs in the nest. I’m not sure  how long she’s been sitting on them. I’ll just have to let her hatch them out.nest


I didn’t do much that day but towards evening I was just plumb tired out so after eating a bit I went to bed and that was it for that day.



It was raining hard this morning early and also when I got it going and it was cold. I didn’t feel like doing anything but around noon the sun poked through for a bit and I got a few things done.

Blueberry patch weeding

I let the chickens into my blueberry patch to work on the bugs and the weeds for me. They sure went at them.pen



I cut this bamboo the other day and  needed to do something with it to get it out of the way and out of the sun so it might last for awhile in case I want to use it for something.bam


So I piled it in the shade by the fence for now.bamboo


I checked on the chickens and they were still working away at it in the blueberry pen.chickens


Egg boxes

I checked on the egg boxes to see how they were doing. They laid 15 today. I collected them and put them away.eggs


Chicken feed sacks

If you have chickens you soon get more feed bags then you want and they get in the way.sacks


I put them up here for now but need to figure out someway to handle them until I can get rid of them.sackstack


I sat  down here for a break in the raspberry patch. Some of the raspberry plants are starting to get leaves.patch


Toward evening I checked on the chickens again in the blueberry patch.penedup


They tore the place up nicely.rippedup


I did some chair hopping the rest of the day and that was about it for me for a nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    You have a wonderful place to chair hop. Plus you have to supervise those chicken helpers, right?

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