Puttering Around the Yard and the Wild Turkey

Monday July 4, 2022 Guerneville CA.

I’d uploaded a video of some trail exploring I did yesterday so the first thing this morning I checked it out to make sure it worked and it did.


Overcast day

This is what the sky looked like as I got it going today. It let go with a real light rain for a few minutes and that was it with the water.sky6


The way I like it

Fortunately we don’t get much rain in the summer so we don’t have high humidity or many bugs either, just the way I like it.

Fertilizing the citrus trees

The citrus trees needed some fertilizer to get them growing more so I got the stuff out to do it.trees1


I  mixed a bucket of fertilizer for each tree and poured it on at the base.bucket2


I did a lot of chair hopping today as I didn’t have much planned.

I did get this brush picked up I cut the other day.brush5


Blackberry vines

I spent quite a bit of time cutting back the new wild blackberry vines that have been springing up, a never ending task.

Wild Turkeys

My brother Tom said he saw a turkey hen go by in the creek this morning with three little ones.

A bit later I spotted this wild turkey hen in my yard. I looked but didn’t see any little ones with her.thrkey4


I watched her to see what she would do.turkey5


She jumped over the fence and then over the chicken’s pens across the yard to this spot where I found her again.hen7


She jumped over that fence and headed for the forest and that was the last I saw of her today.hen8


Tearing it up

Late in the day I let the chickens into this pen with a lot of woodchips in it.chickens9


They sure tear up the woodchips getting to whatever it is they like to eat in them.hens10


Nice day.

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