Puttering Around the Yard and My Bamboo Is Looking Poorly

Sunday May 2, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Sunny day

I usually go out and feed the chickens and let them out once I get it going.

Then I usually do some sitting around the yard chair hopping before going back in and getting some chow. Blue sky.sky1


Blueberry patch

After something to eat, I watered this blueberry and strawberry patch for a bit. Those are raspberry plants in the foreground and are growing better than the ones in the raspberry patch.berries


Bamboo not doing well

The other day while walking around the yard I noticed my bamboo patch was all yellow and not many leaves on them for some reason. They weren’t looking good at all.bamboo3


Yellowed bamboo patch.bamboo4


Bamboo forest

This is what it looks like to be in a bamboo forest which is interesting compared to the big tree forests around here.bamboo5


Another view of how poorly the bamboo looks. It should be a nice bright green. I was thinking it  might be because we haven’t had much rain this year but it might be something else. I’m going to give them some water tonight to see if anything changes.bamboo6


Well setup plans

I need to make some kind of cover for the old well I’m putting back into operation, mostly for frost protection but I Haven’t figured out how I want to make it yet and what materials to use so I studied that job a bit to figure out what I might do and what I  might need for materials to do the job. Once I figure that out and build what I need then I will  hook up the electrical part and it should be ready to go to help water the yard if  need be. I use the spring water when I can and I’m hooking this up just in case I need  more water this summer as we are in a sorta drought around here.well7



After sitting around some more, I went over to check on the chickens.

Here’s the main rooster Carmelo taking it easy.carmelo8


I collected the eggs laid so far. Two of the hens are broody, number 3 nest and number 6 nest boxes. I take their eggs away each day as I already have too many hens trying to hatch out eggs.nests9


This is a leak that volunteered in my raspberry patch about two feet tall.leak10


Raspberry patch

And this is the raspberry patch. The plants in this patch are growing but not nearly as good as the ones in the blueberry patch. I hope to  have lots of raspberries this year in the near future.raspberries11


I’ve been giving the raspberry patch some fertilizer to try and help them grow better and to offset the nitrogen that the woodchips consume using this water injector on the patches sprinkler.injector12



I’m going to plant something here soon so I put some chicken manure on this spot and turned it over a few times working in the manure.dirt13


Now covered up

And I’ve been meaning to cover up  my chicken plucker machine for some time now so I found an old sheet I use when I paint and covered it up to protect the rubber plucking fingers from the sun.plucker14


Eating strawberries

And one of the last things I did before coming in the house to write my blog I ate about ten delicious strawberries of which there will soon be a lot more.strawberries


Now that my blog is finished I’ll publish it and go back out into the yard and enjoy the nice evening.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Your yard and garden plants are all coming along so wonderfully! Well, except the bamboo. I’ve never seen a forest of bamboo before, it is very neat!
    Look at those big strawberries!

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