Puttering Around and Getting Some Stuff Done In the Forest

Wednesday April 19, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Armstrong Valley Farm

On the way up to work on the forest today, I rode over to one of m y brother Tom’s gardens to see what he and Dominique were doing. It’s that time of year when you need to get everything in the ground pretty soon. I looked around but didn’t see them there.garden1


But there were around somewhere as the tractor was there and looked like it was in use. Those are leaks there, or maybe garlic.tractor2


It was a nice day out.sky3


As I was leaving they pulled in with a load of tomato cages.

Forest work

I was headed up to the forest to do some work, but first I went for a bike ride around the roads.

I stopped here to throw some rocks off the road.bike4


There’s always stuff to throw off a forest road, like that piece of wood there.debris5


And these rocks that show up after a storm. I stop and do this sort of thing when I have the time. Just a little bit at at a time, it’s good exercise.rocks6


Big rocks

I was headed up to this spot as I wanted to check out the rock  here. I need some rock to make some creek crossing,but I think these ones might be too big for me to deal with.rpcls7


Trail work

From there, I headed back down to the trail I’ve been working on and parked and walked on up the trail after retrieving my tools from behind a tree.bike9


I headed on up the trail to where I was working.trail10


And stopped here for a rest and to enjoy the day.seat11


I worked on getting some of these big roots out of the trail. A bit of axe work.root12



After working a few hours on that stuff, I got back on the bike and rode on down the hill stopping here to do some repairs on this creek crossing. I moved some of the larger rocks on the right back up to the road crossing to hold the road back up so it doesn’t wash out in a storm.crossing13


The rocks  make the crossing better and keep things from washing out and causing erosion problems.crossing14


After a good work out with the rocks, I headed for home and did some chair hopping and took it easy for the rest of the day. This was the road that lead home.road15


Nice day.

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