Puttering Around and Eating Fruit in the Yard

Friday July 3, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I’m still feeling on the lazy worn out side today, so I’m staying home and puttering around in the yard.


First thing this morning, I went out and noticed my prunes on the prune tree were getting ripe enough for me to start eating them, so I ate a few. Most people never see the prune in this stage, as they are mostly dried when bought at stores. They are very tasty like this and I’ll be able to snack on them for a week or two as they ripen up more.prunes



I checked my apricot tree as they were starting to ripen when I left on my trip a couple weeks ago and I figured they’d be all gone, but I was surprised to find a bunch of them just getting ripe and ate some of  those too.apricots


Barry shows up

Then I went back in the house for a nap until I heard a truck pull in outside. It was my brother Barry. We walked over to check his small wine grape plot and then walked through some of my other brothers garden and ate some of his strawberries too. Yum.

After Barry left, it was back on the coach for some more rest until late afternoon when I walked around the yard some more to check on what’s getting ripe.


I noticed this yellow delicious apple tree has way too many apples on it. Not ripe yet. I should thin them out if I get time.appletree



And this plum tree has too many plums on it too, but they sure taste good.plums


The plums are on this one like grapes. Another good one.plum



I ate some of these blackberries that are taking over my yard. They are just starting to ripen. Yum on those too. blackberry


I need some potatoes

A little later in the evening I was thinking I should dig up some potatoes from my patch. The plants are growing so well they’ve fallen over. Almost forgot to tell you, Barry and I ate a bunch of blueberries under the white clothe there and they sure were good.potatopatch


I picked this spot to dig up some taters. I just go in there and push my hands in the mulch and hunt around for the potatoes.paatch


These are the potatoes I picked. They are yum too.potatoes


That was pretty much my day and a good one even though I could use a bit more energy. :O)

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2 Responses to Puttering Around and Eating Fruit in the Yard

  1. Ken Solbakken says:

    Welcome back,
    I watch an interesting program put out by PBS. ” Nature: Leave It to Beaver’s “. Have you seen the documentary? They showed this one part in Colorado where they reintroduced beavers. The old lady that was raised on the property remembers the beavers before they got trapped for their pelts. She was really happy to see things go back to the way they were. Beavers are such amazing rodents, So hard-working, it’s hard to believe what they can do to change an environment. If I was going to reintroduced them to our area, the first area I would try would be the lagoon area that naturally floods in the winter. I’m not sure how the beavers would work out on Austin Creek, but it would be fun to find out. Thanks for your open-mindedness and remedies to help improve our environment and nature.


    • admin says:

      Hi Ken,
      If I was to introduce the beaver I’d put as many as I could everywhere as they’ll find what they need and make it work out. The Austin Creeks would have been full of beaver in the old days. Beaver make dams when they need deeper water, but if the water is deep already, they just live there. From some research lately beaver where everywhere, even in San Francisco bay which surprised me. This link to Wikipedia tells a lot about the beaver in California.


      The big thing about the beaver is we need a lot done to improve our watershed and they can do more for less than any other thing we can do. We can throw millions at projects and never accomplish what these critters are capable of doing for almost nothing. There are already some people and groups trying to get beaver back in CA.
      There also seems to be a few beaver sneaking back into some of the California areas, but we would benefit big time if we helped them out a bit.



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