Pruning Fruit Trees Getting Ready For Spring

Sunday December 22, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Fruit tree pruning

It rained a bit early this morning but by the time I got it going it had stopped for the day.

I decided this would be a good day to start pruning some of my fruit trees as it needs to be done before spring hits.

Peach tree first

I got the tools out and started with this peach tree.tree


It turned out to be the one with the most work that I did today and now looks like this ready to grow some nice peaches I  hope.prunedtree


This peach tree needed done too. It was small so didn’t take long. I did the one behind it too, an apricot tree.trees


Raspberry patch needs some work

My back said that’s enough tree pruning for the day. I was sitting taking a break and watching the chickens when I decided to pull up all the drip water lines the chickens had buried in the ground in my raspberry patch. I won’t  be using these water lines any more on the berries and need to get them out as I want to plant some more raspberry plants in here before spring. I’ll be using an overhead sprinkler as it covers the area better. I want to get away from rows and turn this into one big berry patch so the overhead rainbird type sprinkler will work better. This last summer I over watered the berries and killed a lot of the plants. I learned something there. Raspberries like water but not everyday, so this year I will water only about once a week. Lucky I have some plants in another garden I can move into this patch to add to what didn’t die.hoses


I got all the hose lines pulled out of the ground and ready to coil up but my back said to wait on that so I did.

Chickens ready to go

A couple hours before dark I usually let the chickens out in the front yard to graze around and eat what they can find.

They eagerly await this and wait at the gate for me to open it at the appropriate time. They do pretty good even without a watch.chickens


When I open the gate they take off running to the grazing area.chicksout


They’ll graze around here for a bit.chicks


Listen to my back

Then they move into this spot where I was digging up blackberry plants. I watched them work today but didn’t dig up any more blackberry vines as my back said it had enough work for one day.

  I did move that pile of dug up blackberry vines to one of my other piles which will eventually get moved to the brush pile.birds


Sunset in the hills

Living in the hills I don’t get much for a sunset here. This was todays. If I want a great sunset all I have to do is go down to the ocean and can look west where the sun sets as far as I can see.sunset


With a forest like this who needs a sunset anyway eh. :O)

It was a rather nice evening out so I sat around in my chair until it started to get dark.dark


That was it for a nice day puttering around in the yard getting some stuff done for spring.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Hope you take it easy on your back today.
    You still got a lot done.

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