Plumbing Work Does Me In and Checking On the Blue Clay Deposit

Tuesday August 22, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rat Bait Station

I loaded up the rat bait station first off. I liked the channel locks to crush up the little balls so they don’t pack them off, cleaning the station out. I’d rather they eat the stuff instead of packing it away somewhere.station1


Plumbing work

I’m working on replacing two toilets and two sink faucets in our rental unit. I was going to get the faucet replaced and put in a new toilet today,……………… But.

The faucet proved to be much harder than I thought it was going to be to get the old one out. There were six big nuts under the thing and I could only get one arm in there at a time to work the wrenches and I didn’t know what size the nuts where so I had a hard time fitting the wrenches as I couldn’t see much either. And to top that off, the threads were corroded so things were hard to get off..bathroom2


I started by turning the main water off off and replacing this old shutoff valve with a new ball valve. That part wasn’t too hard.valves3


I finally got the old faucet off after a  couple hours of struggling under the sink. I installed the new faucet, but need some other parts to get the hoses that supply the faucet connected.faucet4


I pretty much wore myself out getting the old faucet off and my body was doing some screaming from the cramped position I was in doing it.

I decided not to replace the toilet today as one should be fresh to tackle such things.

I picked up  my tools and cleaned up a bit and went on home for a rest.

Good thing I quit when I did as my back is screaming at me tonight, much worse than it did today.

Eating mulberries

I did eat some mulberries as they are getting ripe faster now.mulberries6


Mulberries tend to get things real red. They squirt juices all over the place when picked.hand5


Up to the ridge top

I had some messages to send and phone calls to make so I rode on up to this ridge top and sat on that log to get things done.ridgetop7


I needed to arrange for the two guys I’m helping with spring tapping, lined up for tomorrow so they could come out and dig some blue clay up.


I took this trail back down the hill on the way back.trail8


Blue Clay deposit

I stopped to look at this creek where we plan to dig up some blue clay.creek9


There’s some old springs in the creek bed that have made blue clay over the years. Some rocks need to be moved to get the clay out.rocks10


I moved some of the rocks out of the way, but we’ll have to clear some more of them out tomorrow so we can get to the blue clay. More hands will help for that task.rocked11


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    So you’re going to take the old toilet out and pop a new one in. Ah geez. There’s a chore that is hard on the back. Good luck. Once when mulberries were lying all over the ground and it rained and then was sunny and hot, I would swear the butterflies got drunk. Kind of fluttered haphazardly away after feeding on the ground……Here, the cedar waxwings can clear a tree of those in no time. Beautiful birds. Don’t know if they are in CA.

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