Plans Change Going For a Yak With Tom and Dominique at Jenner

Monday October 14, 2019 Jenner CA.

Had some work to do for the day,………….but

I was up on  my roof around noon plugging up some more rodent holes where they’ve been getting into my attic for years.

Plans change for the better

My brother Tom came by in his golf cart and asked if I wanted to go down to Jenner for a yak as he wanted to try out his new peddle Hobbie yak he just got.

Of course I said sure, let’s go. We talked his girl friend Dominique into going too, taking one of my boats.

Load up

Tom came by with his truck and we loaded all three boats on it.loadup


We rode on down to Jenner and got in the water around 2:30.ramp

Headed to the mouth area

The wind was down but it was cool out with a slight breeze coming off the ocean. We headed on down towards the river’s open mouth. I followed them.paddle


The river really flattened out as we approached the mouth area. That’s always nice.yakking


River’s mouth

We paddled right up to the open mouth not going too far as to stay out of the current going out into the ocean a place we don’t want to go.mouth



As usual there were lots of critters resting there, harbor seals and birds of different types.critters


From there we paddled towards the island’s back channel as we were going to paddle up through it, just up ahead.upriver


Here we are just getting to the top end of the island channel. Some fog starting to come in. There’s a white bird over there on the


An egret.egrit


We paddled here thinking about going up the river some more but we dallied and then headed on back to the boat ramp.river


Here we are at the boat ramp getting ready to get the truck and load up for home.ramp2


That was a nice paddle, just a couple hours for a good break from all the work around here I’ve been doing lately.

Trapping mice

The mice I’ve been trying to trap have been getting very cautious but I’ll get them yet. I am getting a few of them.

Here’s two of them checking things out.mice


That was a nice day. Always nice to get out for a yak, especially when I can get away from the work for a bit.

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  1. David says:

    Yo Bob! , Dying to get out on the river one more time with you and Tom before I get so goddamn old I can’t function or do anything right. I belong on the water. Like to see a picture of Tom’s Hobbie if you can swing sending me one. I sold mine. No one to go in the ocean with.

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