Pickled the Eggs and Worked On a Trail

Friday April 12, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Pickled eggs

Last night I peeled the hard boiled eggs and made up a pickling solution. I watched a bunch of pickling methods on YouTube and noticed that recipes varied a lot and weren’t too particular so I used half apple cider vinegar that Dominique gave me that she made last year and half water about a tablespoon of salt and some bay leaves and pepper corns and some chili flakes and garlic to the gallon container and I sliced up an onion and added that too. Oh and a couple of tablespoons of pickling spices.

I’m not sure why the jar needs to be put in the refrigerator but most people put their jar in there so I did too. Seems with all the vinegar it would do just fine at room temperature.

I’ll be sampling the eggs as they age just to see how they change.

Today’s doings

This morning once I got it going I feed the chickens and let them out to graze.

After figuring out what I’d do today I decided to work on clearing out this trail as I want to move the trail on the right to this spot. There’s a bunch of sticks there I need to rake up and move somewhere.newpath


Sticks for protection

I raked and picked up the sticks and put them in the wheelbarrow to haul a short distance to some trees that need protection from the chickens.truck


The mulberry tree got some wire and some sticks so it’s protected.tree


And this apricot tree also got the same.treebase


Moved a little dirt too

Next I wanted to move some of the dirt on the new trail to a low spot in the back yard that needed some dirt to level it up.

Here I’m digging up the dirt.dirt


The chickens were a big help as when they all got in the way I had to stop for a break which was good.helpers


Almost finished here.path


Looking good

At the end of the day the new trail looked like this and should do the job. It’s mostly for golf carts as that’s what my brother uses to get around his gardens.path2


Needed a nap

I still had a lot of day light left after finishing up that but my body said it had enough and didn’t want to do much of anything except nap so I did for awhile and then came out and sat around chair hopping enjoying the nice day.

That was my day.

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One Response to Pickled the Eggs and Worked On a Trail

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Looks like a nice day to do the job you did. I hope your eggs turned out. I’m sure everyone has different tastes for them. I remember trying them for the first time in my 30’s with a screwed up face but was surprised that I liked them so much! :)
    Good job on the new trail, the chickens sure seem to like to be around you.

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