Phone Repair and Carrots From the Carrot Patch

Monday December 21, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Putter day

I needed to check out the phone box I was going to work on so today I got a ladder up there to have a look. Hummm, more complicated than I thought as there was a note in the lid that said Sonic Bonded with a long number so I’m going to have to call to see about that. box


Not tomorrow

I talked with the lady I’m doing this for and was going to do this tomorrow,…..but.

She’s in the middle of a lot of holiday baking and can’t handle any more on her mind until it’s done. So I could see she was a bit flustered so I said we’d do it later after the holidays.

Enjoying the day

So after checking out what I could on the existing phone lines I went back to  my place and chair hopped with the chickens for quite some time, mostly on and off all day.grazing


Gathering vegetables

I spent some time gathering vegetables to make a big vegetable stew once I’m off this fast. Only one more day then I will eat every thing in sight.

Towards evening I went over to my brother’s carrot patch to get some carrots of course.patch


I pulled up these ones and now I have to wash them.dirt


All washed and looking real good. I was temped to eat one, but I’m on a fast so I resisted, only one more day. :O)carrots


At dark I shut the chickens up.

That was a good restful day puttering in the yard.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Good day for chair hopping. The carrots sure look better than mine did from a few years ago. :) Enjoy the stew when you can eat again.

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